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Weeks later and I am still watching episodes over again. A solidly written, beautifully directed, and professionally acted drama. It lures you in with its warmth and the characters feel real, like they're someone you might have known, a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. To have Someone you can trust and hold hands with). Uee and Lee Soe-Jin..was amazing to see such transformation... And the OST espcially the song To You Again by Jung Dong Ha is amazing. Though I have prepared my bucket for next week's tears. Mr writer don't kill the viewers,too hhhhhh for really my heart can't bear more . If they paired him with Uee is because they knew things will work out and it will help her in her career. another week of wait is another forever for me, oh my goodness! i never left a coment here before, its the first time bcause i love this drama so much. Uee daebak and lee seo jin made me falling in love. And don't forget the lead couple's chemistry is 10/10 hahahaa♡♡ I appreciate this passionate powerful emotional drama.. Her daughter is awesomely matured to support her mom.. I wanna see his chemistry w a very young actress (uee) and also a little because of uee great scene in ho goo love.bring me here's my fav actor and actress(will be) Hehe..child role gave a big impact here though..anyways.. The struggle of keeping everything on yourself making your pain just your own.. I find this drama & the story-line interesting and meaningful. Because YOU would KNOW better than the Casting Director, the Director, or the Writers. So he willingly slept with her and got her pregnant so she could "entrap him" ?! It just sucks his real wife treats the mistress like garbage alone. I'm not a fan of both lead stars but I'm starting to appreciate UEE after watching her here. And i think he is quite handsom not just quite but really handsome wkwkw. Won't even notice the age diff, the little girl, she can really act. I can't stop looking at those dimples, he's really hot eventhough he make me annoyed in Running Man lol!Even the "villains" were well-written and layered, imo. Thanks to the whole production team and actors for bringing us this beautiful drama. the agony of waiting when will the time hye soo will give up... Gonna make him watch with me to teach him some smooth moves by Lee Seo Jin. The strong and credible performances delivered by Uee, Lee Seo-Jin, Shin Rin-Ah (an excellent child actor!!! )...intense and credible....these are award-worthy talents carry the emotional intensity of this drama very well supported by an outstanding cast of actors. For those who have not watched it or don't really like melodramas, gives this drama a chance. And really good chemistry between the actors Lee Seo Jin and Uee. ;) (y) I already watch the next ep preview, it's really awesome. Korea don't go by age difference like other country. These guys are really giving justice to this drama. He is so charismatic, gentleman, and so handsome altough he growing old. The unforgettable KISS between Lee and Uee should really honor them an award.. I enjoyed it so far I was willing to bet that a drama named Marriage Contract, a very tired and overused theme, had nothing new to bring to the table. UEE's acting showed exactly how it is to keep an emotion and guarded lest the almost blank stare and being strong. Just "change" the "channel" if you don't like the show. I wish for good story for another ep and best ending.Ji-Hoon, unaware of Hye-Soo's brain tumor, accepts her offer and they prepare a marriage contract. Han Ji-Hoon, Kang Hye-Soo & Cha Eun-Sung they really like family..they started in a wrong time it's still beautifully even thought they have so may hardships they encounter as a individually, couple and as a family... I am somewhere around the beginning of the story and I am totally confused. cliche script is not only revolting but also dangerous. There is no justification for one, this whole proposal as main drama story telling two, changes in characters if there is any.How is it that koreans have had no problem with such a topic like selling your organs! Maybe its some kind of cultural difference, where sth like this in my country.... The main leads even if they try to convey sth, I have huge problem whit their moral attitude. Could be the best work ever of Uee, Lee Seo Jin and others. Each character,even smaller characters, seem to be well cast-a shout out to Lee Hyun Geol ,so good as the Head Chef(you don't want to mess with him! You really did a good job.thank you I see this drama over one time, i likes lee seo jin and uee, they are very good and natural actor and actres, they willy good together.i love this drama, is a wonderful drama, and lee seo jin oppa is wonderful husband in this drama, good job oppa, i am your fans from indonesia, all the best for you,happynes and healty..

And she has cancer, and daughter, and dues, and guess what she is a match with his mother...i mean come on.... The show tugs at all your heartstrings and does not let you go,even once.. The show also has great life messages about filial piety,taking care of sick family members and a general positive outlook to life. the young actress is so adorable , GOD she is so cute and smart .But I love it, it made me cry in the scene where they're dancing. This really is a good drama, even it does have the ever present in KDramas overbearing mothers and father in it (which I think ruins so many of their otherwise good dramas.) I liked the story. I love the actors and their realistic way of expressing human behavior. i hardly comment on here but i felt that everyone should know how AMAZING this drama is. Bad comments seems very offensive and somehow creates too much negativity. Thumbs up for the writer and producer I agree with @dramamama, there's just too much drama and sorrow.This is only my opinion - there was absolutely no on screen chemistry between the two main actors. The acting in this is stellar, especially Uee and Lee Seo-jin. The second half of this drama made me cry like a little girl over and over again. Lee Seo Jin and UEE's chemistry is captivating and something I have never come across in the many dramas I've watched. The drama would not have been so amazing without her. 10/10 I love everything about this drama from both lead couple Lee Seo Jin and UEE acting,hye soo friend joo yeon, eun sung, and all the cast tbh also the writing/ story, directing, except evil father Chairman Han. i finished it a few hours ago and it's 2 am in here, but i can't sleep. the acting, the script, the story, the characters and oh god the ROMANCE were all beyond perfection. The only characters that lightens up the screen are the main lead's assistant/bestfriend and the female lead's bestfriend and yes the child (although at times she gets annoying too).The story line for them was great, but for me, these two people are a complete mismatch. That little girl absolutely shines and it is evident she will have a bright future! Favorite scene if I had to pick only one: dancing scene in episode 16. very recommended This is my first time commenting here because i want everyone knows that this drama is AWESOME. im a picky watcher and i honestly don't get moved easily by a drama but this one surely did it for me. Too dramatic,too much sadness,too dry, cant feel the chemistry between the lead actors.I found it very hard to care if they were together or not. 10/10 It's the first drama I would probably watch again. Her feet on top of his- that tells us so very much- such deep intimacy and tenderness. I also would like to congratulate the lead couple for making this drama perfect and amazing..also loved the little kid eun sung..... I just finished watching this and i thought there was next episode. i know everyone is obsessed about Do TS that they seem to neglect the other good dramas.. I do not have problem in Uee's crying because we cry in different ways. LSJ and Uee did an outstanding job, everything felt so real -their love, sorrow and passion! I guess Uee's acting is good and Lee Seo Jin's cool persona fits so much with the role. Just by looking at the female lead's sad face all the time made me nauseated, gosh those big blank eyes.All the praises for writer and director who put Shin Rin-Ah to act so well. Thanks those who put this drama at high quality on-line. However, my best actress in this kdrama is the little Eun Sung, so natural, be it her happy moments or sad moments... This was one of those rare Drama's that is not set out to give you a happy ending. The story line is amazing but the cast aren't that good, especially UEE, I'm disappointed by looking her acting.such a little adult, make me want to hug her tight too~~ I just had a marathon of this drama, its a beautiful drama, it had some relevance with the drama Scent of a Woman though here she's a single mom. You cry beg and scream for the unfairness of everything that is going on but you wouldn't want to change a single thing. Blank stare with no emotion, and I don't get why should she crying in that way (with 'hik hik hik' sound), so loathsome.But its so realistic and dramatic at the same time. Just finished watching, its going to give me some impact for the next few months. That child is so adorable, she made me cry in different situations. You know how some drama's the main gets sick but than their are so many other things like an ex comes back and they leave each other. Or murder, mystery thriller and the illness gets pushed to the background and only comes back near the end where one of them is in the hospital and they realize they love each other. But this drama showed a lot of the pain and more reality in a situation like that. it was kind of a REAL KISS, there was so much feels in it! The man love his girl soo much he willing to give up everything in life. That would be a great ending thou but hoping for better. Lee seo jin-UEE sweet-able and suit-able (it's my word. The loveable Lee Seo Jin and the sweetest UEE is a great a tandem. one of the best korean dramas i've seen for this year. Why do people always just treat the mistress badly when it takes two.Both actor and actress just too natural in the characters. They should be nominated as one of the best drama, casting crews in the year end awards ceremony. GMA Network already acquired the rights for this drama. Which helped see how the characters grew so naturally. UEE's acting was brilliant, she is an outstanding actress, can't call her an Idol anymore, she 200% actress! I think that Kim So Jin should be in the drama poster instead of Kim Yoo Ri, she had much more scenes. I am sure that all the people who wrote negative comment, and said that UEE can't act and commented about the age gap thing are eating their words now. So i guess I'm looking forwaes to her project after marriage contract? Oh i cry n cry sooo much with both happiness and sadness of this drama. Please please have happy ending xx Last part of ep. I can feel the happiness of being together with your loved ones and fel the meaning of family. Their chemistry has made this drama more worth-watching. i keep watching because i find the lead actor very attractive.. i love their chemistry now, the guy is definitely a pro, and i can see how uee's acting are improving.. it's a typical story but the actors have made the drama entertaining enough to make it worth watching. Also in her case from what I gather with the subs I was watching is that she DID NOT know he was married. So I think he is mostly at fault and should get all the scorn. Once you watch this drama, you will forget about this issue and believe that they're Han Ji Hoon and Kang Hye Soo. Wasn't expecting much when I first started watching becoz of the age diff.She learns that she has a brain tumor and she needs money for her daughter after she passes away.Hye-Soo overhears from Ji-Hoon that he is looking for a liver donor for his mother.


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