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Accommodating individuals with

Thoroughly pre-screening your job applicants before you hire will... Hiring decisions must be made with confidence, and companies all over the country rely on Data Check to provide them with the information they need.For more information about our background check services, feel free to contact our company directly by phone or send us an email, and one of our agents will contact you promptly.We verify dates of employment, position, salary, job duties, work habits, and eligibility for rehire.With many as 36% of job applicants falsifying some part of their employment application, this search is a must.Provides location of any reported accident in the workplace, date of claim, employer, nature of injury, days lost due to injury, and current status.As an authorized affiliate of National Background Data, LLC, Data Check is proud to offer this powerful multi-jurisdictional search of state and county criminal records that include data from 41 states (over 76 million records) and the Sex Offender Registries.With the ease of producing bogus degree certificates in today's world, the only sure way to verify is by direct contact with the schools. Certificates, College and University attendance, degrees and trade school certification, including grade point averages and class ranking.

Data Check will provide a thorough background check, including social security number verification report, criminal record report, reference checks, driving record check, education history, credit reports, drug screening, and a nationwide sex offender registry search on any applicant before that person becomes a member of your team.

Persons on this list include known terrorists and narcotic traffickers.

As an authorized affiliate of National Background Data, LLC, we are able to offer this extensive and detailed search on the address history of an individual.

Background checks and other pre-employment screening services are integral parts of the hiring process.

Screening your potential employee with a thorough background check can prevent negligent hiring lawsuits and provide a safer work environment.


  1. Purchase of equipment or changes to existing equipment may be effective accommodations for people with many types of disabilities. There are many devices.

  2. Aug 29, 2017. hiring should understand the importance of providing proper accommodations to individuals with disabilities when arranging an interview.

  3. Jul 7, 2015. The employer then ascertains which accommodations the employee. See, Employing Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities and Employing.

  4. Employing and Accommodating Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries. August 2000. 1. CORNELL UNIVERSITY. Employing and. Accommodating. Individuals.

  5. Aug 21, 2007. A Reference Guide for Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities in the Provision of Disaster Mass Care, Housing and Human Services is the.

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