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This style is usually in response to a highly competitive style.

The avoider will shut down communication and contact and will seemingly disappear off the radar.

While this is in play, mutual resentment builds and cracks to total breakdown of the relationship may occur.

An example of this style is two co-workers who cannot agree on the delivery of a project and avoid communicating with each other but happily talk to other co-workers about it! For more information on styles click on the topic ‘Negotiation Skills’ which includes templates, models, do’s and don’t’s and more.

Accommodating negotiators believe that the only way to ultimately get what they want is to give everything to the other party and maybe in time they will do the same or stay.

This style, is naturally, well liked by the opposite party.

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When overuse is taken to an extreme the person will create errors in the implementation of the task by withholding needed information, talking behind another person’s back (or “back-stabbing”), using eye motions and gestures designed to express disapproval, and creating distractions by fiddling or interrupting.This style should not be confused with Collaborating (I win – You win). Collaborating (I Win – You Win) Collaborative negotiators are innovators!They recognise that both parties have needs that must be met and take the time to find creative solutions to this common conundrum.We negotiate with our partners for ‘me time’ on the weekend and we negotiate how many books we will read with our toddlers before bed.Negotiating is essentially a process to get us to where or what we want. Kilmann devised an assessment instrument for evaluating an individual’s behaviour in conflict situations. Thomas and Kilmann describe five distinctive personalities for handling conflict situations/negotiations.Overuse of this style can lead to lack of feedback, reduced learning, and low empowerment.This can result in being surrounded by “ Yes-Men”.The process can be quick – it might take seconds or the negotiation could take months or more. The top 5 Negotiating Styles of Thomas and Kilmann. Competing (I win – You lose) This style of negotiation is best described as competitive and is one of the most used styles in negotiating.Some negotiations are relatively small and the consequences not so great but for some negotiations, the outcomes are life altering and you need to be effective in your negotiating style as the consequences of getting it wrong can be severe. Negotiators using this style are looking out for their own needs, asking themselves ‘what do I need to get from this discussion / process? They use a variety of tactics to get what they want and their concern for the relationship is low.We negotiate with the boss to take a week off, we negotiate with our teams to work back to meet a looming deadline, we negotiate with our customers to push out a delivery date.When we get home we negotiate with the dog to let us in the front door.


  1. When is it appropriate to accommodate others during team conflict? What skills and watchouts are important? Observe the role play.

  2. The Accommodating Style. With the accommodating style, a person puts aside her own needs and concerns in favor of others. "Thomas & Killman's Five Conflict Styles."

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  4. Most negotiators have one or two preferred negotiation styles. Ideal is to be able to choose to apply the most appropriate negotiation style to. Accommodating.

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