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The first Chorlton Union workhouse was located the junction of Stretford New Road and Leaf Street. Hospital blocks were erected at each side of the main building.The building, presumably a former township workhouse, accommodated 300 inmates. Chorlton male hospital block from north-west, 2001. In 1864-6 a pavilion plan hospital was erected at the north of the workhouse.Since the site was not capable of being expanded, the Guardians decided that a completely new building was needed elsewhere. Chorlton 1885 nurses' home from south-west, early 1900s. Chorlton 1885 (front) and 1903 (rear) nurses' homes from south-east, 2001. Passing through this apartment we gained the dining-room.The new workhouse was located on a green-field site at Barlow Moor, Withington, at the north side of what is now Nell Lane. This place is fitted up with a series of fixed tables and seats arranged something like the pews in a chapel, the diners being seated side by side and back to back. Johnson, at the publisher Cave's, partake of their food behind a screen, which screen runs up the centre of the room.

When asked if the soup was better today she said, "No".

The next room we visited upset all the notions of Bumbledom we had inbibed from a perusal of "Oliver Twist".

It was the Nursery, devoted to children between the ages of two and five years.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] Township workhouses in the Chorlton area included on at Gorton.

In the 1830s, its Master received 3 shillings a week for each pauper in his care.


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