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Jonathan went to great lengths to protect his son's secret, including almost killing a reporter who was going to expose Clark’s secret to the Earth and making a deal with Jor-El that eventually cost him his own life.

Jonathan won the senatorial seat, but after a physical altercation with Lionel Luthor, whom he believed was trying to exploit Clark's abilities, Jonathan suffered a heart attack and died.In Phoenix, down below, they take part in a superpowered fight and Jonathan eventually convinces Clark to smash the ring and come home to face his problems and then Jor-El immediately leaves Jonathan's body, although it is later revealed that he retained a direct connection with Jor-El.In Legacy, Johathan, after returning from the hospital, is on the roof installing a weather vane, despite his wife's concerns.Jonathan attended Smallville High School and was the star of the football team: during this time, he dated Nell Potter.At one point, he ran away from home one summer and tried out for the Metropolis Sharks.Jonathan also believed that emotions such as love and compassion are synonymous with humans (Although the fact that his only real contact with Kryptonians at this point in his life were the Disciples of Zod and the seemingly manipulative Jor-El would have doubtless impacted his opinion).Jonathan enjoyed football, but managing the farm left him with little time for any other hobbies or interests.Later, Jonathan reveals to Clark that the Key in fact isn’t in the wall but is still out there. Jor-El transferred his own Kryptonian power to Jonathan so he could bring his son home, these powers instantly disappeared after the red kryptonite ring was destroyed: He was the son of Hiram and Jessica Kent.He lived in Smallville on the Kent Farm his whole life.Jonathan Kent September 1, 1961 was Martha Kent's husband and Clark Kent's adoptive father.A longtime farmer, he ran the Kent Farm until he was elected Senator from Kansas.


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