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Amarok updating collection

Perhaps somebody would be interested in writing one.1.

Have a simple flat file placed in a know location.2.

It is not about actually using remote collection databases.

If I understood Andrew correctly, his So C proposal was about just that, but by now his ideas are pretty close to mine.

File not in the collection move File( QString old URL, QString new URL, bool overwrite )Has Potential as long as it will work specifying QString old URL = QString new URL and overwrite = False.

The files are already in the right location, I just want them added to the collection. I will have a go at writing a DCOP script to do what I want and publish it here if I succeed.

Andrew, maybe you have time to add your thoughts to this page.

It can mean, among others, partitions on external hardisks, cd-roms or mounted network shares.

In the proof-of-concept patch I sent to the amarok mailing list, the class Mount Point Manager encapsulates all the code to generate a device id (usually called mediaid there) and a relative path from an absolute path and vice versa.

Collection DB and Query Builder handle the changed DB schema as transparently as possible for the rest of the code.

Amaro K can replace a file's absolute path with a device id and a relative path just before storing the song in the database, and generate an absolute path which is valid at that time from the device id and relative path right after retrieving the information from the collection database.

This would make it quite transparent for the rest of the code.


  1. Restrict incremental updating via "Watch folders for changes" On the Amarok settings, Collection page to just one machine. This way.

  2. Join the GrabCAD Community to get access to 2.5 million free CAD files from the largest collection. Amarok Triple Clamp. Having some trouble updating.

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