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As avid riders, they immediately saw the potential bicycle applications and after a lengthy period of R&D, the Tubolito Tubo was born.The Tubo is not the first inner tube made of advanced thermoplastic elastomer.One disadvantage of Tubo’s material is the need to buy their proprietary patch kit at a cost of .Just for grins, I tried to stick a Park Tool pre-glued patch to a Tubo and it seemed to hold just fine over the last 300 miles.For the sake of context, I might be able to discern the difference between a tubeless and a tubed tire, but just barely.From the standpoint of trail feedback and tangible ride quality, I would say the Tubo feels very much like riding with no tube at all. That had me fearful of flats, but none were had—yet.

A special panel appointed by the State Board of elections voted three to two along party lines to disqualify a Jennifer Mangrum, a Democratic candidate who is challenging Republican state Sen. He has a malformation of limbs making him shorter than the typical person.With an MSRP of , and given the patching and sealant limitations, I see the Tubo best used as a backup tube.In that capacity, it is light, small, installs easily, and has enough durability to get me rolling without me feeling like I’m limping home on a race-quality tube.Although I haven’t ridden with tubes in years, I popped them in and hit the trails.I have since put roughly 633.5 miles on them—give or take.The light S-Tubo is a spare-only tube with a removable stem to help it back down as small as possible.It’s hard to say if it is truly the lightest, fastest, smallest, and strongest tube on the market, but I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s the most advanced tube of the last century. During its 100 year-long lifespan, the humble bike tube has been made of natural rubber, latex, butyl blends, and in the early years was literally grown from cow intestines. The Austrian-made Tubolito Tubo, announced last year during the annual trade show circuit, is perhaps the most advanced bike tube ever created and is constructed of materials typically used in mobile phones.When Tubolito founders Christian Lembacher and Akos Kertesz worked as engineers in the tech industry, part of their job was researching durable and lightweight membranes to implement in mobile phone speakers.Schwalbe and Eclipse both launched hyper-light tubes in recent years, but they were almost too delicate and heat-sensitive to be of any practical use. Their proprietary material and unique manufacturing process yield a multi-layered tube they claim is twice as durable as a standard butyl tube.Their process eliminates a full-length seam and is joined with just a small weld around the circumference of the tube. A Tubo is also 65% lighter and smaller than a traditional tube.


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