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CDC Heads Up To Parents CDC’s Heads Up app will help parents and others learn how to spot and what to do if they think their child or teen has a concussion or other serious brain injury.The app also teaches about helmet safety and features information on selecting the right helmet for their child's or teen's activity, including information on what to look for and what to avoid.

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Your dreams of 12 plus years with a happy, healthy Cavalier will become a reality if you go that extra mile to seek out a Cavalier that is ideal for your family and from a breeder who you respect.

Click above to see an adorable video of puppies nursing.

This East Coast Cavalier Breeders site is part of Cavaliers of the Northeast (CNE), a regional Club of CKCSC, USA, Inc. Not just ANY breeder can list their puppies on this Cavalier Club sponsored puppy and adult referral website.

These breeders: --adhere to CKCSC's strict Code of Ethics, written many years ago for the preservation of the breed --have provided written certification of recent health clearances by a cardiologist and ophthalmologist for both sire and dam of listed puppies --have the puppies available right here in the Northeast, at their home, for you to see.

No puppy is shipped in from other countries, from other regions of the USA or from puppy mills --breed to the breed standard (right size and weight) so that your Cavalier will grow up to look like a Cavalier, not like a Springer Spaniel or other breed You would be wise to go for the best - dogs are not objects that can be easily discarded and replaced especially as you and your family become emotionally attached.


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  2. Training/supplies/misc. Click BLOG link above to go to CNE informal chat about Cavaliers o go to hat about valiers Coming Soon

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