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He just spent Thanksgiving with my family, I’m doing Christmas Eve with his.We talk almost every day, we’re still very involved in each other’s lives."All I’m going to say about tonight’s episode is that this is the most loyal man I’ve ever met in my entire life and he never left my side the night this so-called incident took place," the 32-year-old wrote. “He brought a light back to my life,” she previously revealed to . We were talking over the holidays and I told him about my divorce.Then we hung out one night and just hit it off." Lisa Vanderpump Is Opening a New Bar Called Tom Tom With the Toms From 'Vanderpump Rules' Did Jax Taylor Cheat on Brittany Cartwright?I define a relationship as the connection you build with someone over time, based on three simple factors: love, respect and kindness." As of this moment, the two are definitely friends, but it seems like that is something that can change at any second since they are spending so much time together and writing loving sentiments on Instagram. I love you so much." She continued, Thank you for always being here for me and supporting me. Clearly, this is a positive situation, but it is just very complicated. She even admitted, "I feel like we're still dating.Scheana made it clear that she has nothing but love for Rob with a comment on his post. We have had one hell of a ride together and I know it's not the end of our story. Scheana had more to say about her situation with Rob during her appearance on the E! It's weird." It's all a little tough to follow, but Scheana feels the same way that a lot of her fans feel: "Honestly, it's so confusing.It’s just, where both of our career paths, and living situations are going right now, it’s not working out and it’s just a lot of pressure that is now released.” In the same interview, she also revealed that “the breakup [with Rob] was hard, but the friendship that we’ve been able to keep and the love that’s still there, is great.

In an interview, Scheana revealed: “[We’re] friends with benefits, whatever you want to call it. The relationship does not, but the friendship and the love is very much still there.

She soon started dating Rob until they ended things last October.

Though Scheana Marie and Rob Valletta split up, the two recently appeared on might be attracted to each other, Rob sounded a tad jealous as he joked, “I leave you alone with Scheana for one second and you’re already trying to set her up with other guys.

star Scheana Marie went through a heartbreaking divorce from her ex-husband Mike Shay after only two years of marriage — which is why fans were happy for her when she found someone new!

She started dating her current boyfriend Robert Valletta just two months after her split, but on this week's episode of , Scheana's friends Katie Maloney, Brittany Cartwright, and Kristen Doute found out that Rob might not have been faithful to Scheana after he was allegedly caught kissing another girl — which is why fans are wondering if Scheana is still dating Rob now. It's unclear if there is any truth to the gossip and it's hard to see why Scheana's pals would spread such a mean rumor about her boyfriend.


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