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Areas and iterations not updating

For example, a cell that displays a date as "6/22/2008" also contains a serial number that is the stored value for the date in the cell.You can change the display of the date to another format (for example, to "22-Jun-2008"), but changing the display of a value on a worksheet does not change the stored value.Both commands use iteration in a controlled way to obtain desired results.You can use Solver when you need to find the optimum value for a particular cell by adjusting the values of several cells or when you want to apply specific limitations to one or more of the values in the calculation.In Excel, it's stored and shown as 1234567.89012345 (this is shown in the formula bar and in the cell).If you set the cell to a number format so that all digits are shown (instead of a scientific format, such as 1.23457E 06), you'll see that the number is displayed as 1234567.890123450.Precision in Excel means that any number exceeding 15 digits is stored and shown with only 15 digits of precision.Those digits can be in any combination before or after the decimal point.

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To avoid unnecessary calculations that can waste your time and slow down your computer, Microsoft Excel automatically recalculates formulas only when the cells that the formula depends on have changed.

Use caution when changing the precision of calculations When a formula performs calculations, Excel usually uses the values stored in cells referenced by the formula.

For example, if two cells each contain the value 10.005 and the cells are formatted to display values in currency format, the value .01 is displayed in each cell.

This is the default behavior when you first open a workbook and when you are editing a workbook.

However, you can control when and how Excel recalculates formulas.


  1. Excel cannot calculate a formula that refers to the cell – either directly or. key to working with circular references is to enable Excel's iterative calculation tool.

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