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Further, they also made the data easy to consume and understand.I could glance at a dashboard and see well-smoothed data that gave me a macro picture of my day.For me, the most valuable use case of the data is around fatigue and predicting some sickness.For example, my resting HR is usually in the 39-42bpm range.But wait a second you ask – how does a unit differentiate between sleep and non-sleep rest? Consider just lying around when you wake up and looking at your actual HR using the device, and then later in the day validate that the value shown on the app for RHR is your lowest HR value while awake.

In their case, they did more than just HR, but also things like perspiration and skin temperature.

Numerous models out there today that suck at sport/exercise are perfectly fine (even great) in non-sport conditions.

It’s usually the excessive movement that causes the challenges.

Now the value of all of this resting HR data is trending.

Coaches have long asked athletes to take and log their resting HR values day to day, usually using old-school methods like a heart rate chest strap, your finger taking your pulse manually, or some inexpensive devices that clip on your finger (this is how I used to do it).


  1. FAQ 2 Speed Test Tools. Because the speed test is browser based, and browsers are not very good at providing feedback for exact upload speed at any given moment.

  2. Okay, I am about to lose it, literally, because I cannot resolve this issue, and this is the ‘only’ place I know of where I can get some sound advice. I had.

  3. Left to right Suunto Ambit3 Peak, Garmin Fenix3 HR, Suunto Spartan Ultra, Suunto Traverse, Polar V800 And if you compare depth, it’s also in the same ballpark.

  4. SQL Examples, Cookbook and Tutorials. LIKE 'Mc%' searches for all names that begin with the letters "Mc" McBadden.

  5. Updated April 9th, 2017 More and more devices over the last 1-2 years have begun to include the ability to record your heart rate HR data around the clock.

  6. Keen IO is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to stream, compute, and visualize events from anything connected to the internet.

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