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Banned dating site super bowl ads

But even for a crass, tactless individual such as myself, this ad was on the wrong side of the line.

And it had nothing to do with the service being offered or the plus -size model in the ad.

So it's great for business to produce an ad destined for rejection — you can get a "huge amount of free publicity" without the pricetag of " million for 30 seconds." Given that math, Man Crunch clearly got the best return on its investment."Do Super Bowl ads still work?

Yes, if you sell controversy (or junk food)" The freeloading has to stop: Yes, it's great for moochers whose ads never had "a rat's chance in hell" of airing, says Catherine P. But it's bad for the real ad buyers, because the "banned" spots suck up all the "pre-game hype." Networks should make rejectees promise they won't blab."Allegedly banned Super Bowl ads: A story that deserves to die" What is CBS afraid of?

More important, note that the gratuitous ass shot isn't of a plus -size woman, but of a woman who meets "the skinnier accepted norm." In the past, some companies have tried to plant these stories when it was pretty obvious they didn't even have the money to pay for a Super Bowl spot.

Through her PR agency, Whitney Thompson said: "The Big And The Beautiful just launched, and the Super Bowl is the best way to make a big splash and be noticed by millions of people.

Nah, it was the three-second butt-shot (of the skinny woman), the grease-balls slobbering over the computer (note the Post-It covering up the logo) looking for a woman who isn't "too sexually experienced," the awful attempt at humor involving a cherry and the implied threesome (again, with the skinny woman) toward the end of the spot.

All this aside, the PR move here -- showing this ad to the media and claiming it was rejected because of some bias -- puts The Bigand The Beautiful not in line with dating sites such as or e Harmony, but rather with Ashley Madison, the "dating" site for people looking to cheat on their spouses.

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In fact, Go Daddy got 13 ads rejected in 2006 alone.For example, gay dating site Man Crunch said its ad was rejected in 2010 because it dealt with homo and not heterosexual dating, when it really didn’t even make it past CBS’ credit check.We’ve collected the biggest “banned” ads from the last 10 Super Bowls.Focus on the Family got plenty of attention after CBS approved its anti-abortion commercial starring Tim Tebow, but the real winners in the publicity game may turn out to be sponsors whose ads got rejected.Go Daddy and PETA have milked their Super Bowl ad denials to great effect, and gay-dating site Man Crunch earned publicity it couldn't buy from its rejected ad.Our ad is fun, sexy, and speaks to the demographic, so of course we were prepared to spend million dollars." She also pointed out that "Super Bowl ads are always risque, and ours is actually quite tame in comparison with some other companies' ads." After all, Go Daddy and beer ads have shown babes in bikinis.And there are plenty of veiled references to what these products might lead the male demographic to (wink, wink; nudge, nudge).But a “banned ad” that doesn’t get past a network’s Standards & Practices Department sometimes does wonders for a company’s buzz.“I remember one year when the networks wouldn’t allow one of the Bud Light spots in the game, so Bud actually released it online as, ‘the Super Bowl ad the networks wouldn’t let you see,'” Tanin Blumberg, an account director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Budweiser Super Bowl ad veteran, told BI. got about 1 million views on You Tube in just a few days.” So, given that networks often won’t publicly comment on whether an ad is rejected and why, advertisers with no intention of actually releasing a Super Bowl ad just send out press releases saying that their ads were rejected, for publicity.Maybe you can argue that because this is supposed to be a play on a soap opera, the production values and acting are bad on purpose.But this looks less like a soap opera and more like internet porn.


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