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There is ample evidence along the east bank of the Pearl that Native Americans favored the place from earliest times.

Besides the physical evidence, including shell middens, overgrown streets, an occasional brick or other artifact, there is a wealth of written testimony to the history of the area.The erasure of these communities was occasioned in 1961 by the federal government's decision to locate the Stennis space facility in this area, requiring that all buildings within a large area be leveled.It is perhaps in the very nonexistence of these once vital communities wherein their fascination lies.Earlier, Iberville had named it Pea Island, because he lost a sack of peas there in 1699.The Pearl empties into the Mississippi Sound, protected from the open Gulf by a series of barrier islands with names like Ship and Cat, important to the early Canadian explorers under Iberville and his brother Bienville.His neighbor was JFH Claiborne, the historian of Mississippi.It is commonly prescribed to professional archaeologists, that they recount the history of a site’s occupation, even if perfunctorily, prior to the immersion into the prehistoric deposits many prefer.That edge of Hancock County, Mississippi, which borders Louisiana at the mid-point of the Pearl River, is in many ways now nondescript, quiet and forlorn bereft of whatever culture evolved there over the ages.In truth, very little of what meets the eye is indicative of what came before.And, most fascinating, we discovered a treasure of primary documentation, mostly in the form of family letters.There is good reason that a reader may ask earnestly why a little populated area in the southwest corner of a sparsely populated state might command much attention.


  1. Area controlled by Venezuela shown in dark green; claimed but uncontrolled regions shown in light green.

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