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Biblical scriptures on dating

But at times, being a wife can be difficult and sometimes even overwhelming.The struggles of life choke out our desire and occasionally even our ability to live out our Godly calling as wives.In meditation allow the energy to rise up the 7 nerve centers of the spine, and when that occurs the pineal will light (that's the shout,) and the wall separating you from the supreme light on the right side falls.The religious ones of the middle ages, trying to separate the birth of Jesus from Passover ignored the true meaning which is the birth from Virgo the Virgin in the 9th month of September, and opted for December which also gave them the Sagittarius , Capricorn story to include in the myth.Well interestingly enough on June 10 1998, the Associated Press reported from San Diego that astronomers for the first time had cracked a curtain of interstellar dust known as the Zone of Avoidance that blocks Earths view of a fourth of the universe.For those whose polarization is scattered, it will be a difficult time, but for those who are flowing in a plane of harmony through meditation into polarization , there will be a wonderful lifting by Gods angle of light to carry you above all of the confusion.We have just seen evidence from the Bible, and from scientists, at a university in Israel, both clearly stating that the Bible is mythological in nature, it is symbolic , and the events portrayed actually never happened.What it has contributed to the societies of the world, is war and violence, hate for one another, degrading of women, abuse of children, and a total misunderstanding of the true nature of life and of ourselves as people of light.

Why that is important is because the Bible positions the 12 tribes around the tabernacle which is the temple, which is the brain and the 12 constellations around the Sun which symbolically is the Christ.

Thus Gabriel blowing the final trumpet simply means that the inner impulse, or photon, will bring forth harmony to our lives to rid us of the chaos that we have been subjected to through the lower elements.

If the Biblical furnace is the Fornix of the brain and the constellation Fornax in the sky, then can we not consider that the Biblical Lion is the Pineal Gland of the brain whose sign is Leo, and Supernova 1987a the Pineal in the sky?

We look to the world to see how to fix our marriages and how to be wives, and our marriages end in divorce or we live in strife.

We need to look to the Bible and what God has to say on the subject in order to define what a Biblical wife is.


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