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It's important to know your setup options before you add your account to your Black Berry.

If you're using Black Berry 10, set up your account using Exchange Active Sync.

At this time, it's required to share from Outlook on the web and the recipient needs to accept it using Outlook on the web.See also Microsoft’s instructions or instructions for subscribing from Outlook for Mac.   Additional information may also be found in the Black Berry Knowledge Base.Instead, you can assign one color from your i Phone/i Pad for the entire Teamup Calendar feed. Paste the feed address you copied from your Teamup Calendar, by pressing CTRL V, and click Add. In the Folder Name box, type the name of the calendar as you want it to appear in Outlook, and then click OK.To change the update frequency: In step 3, tap “Fetch New Data” instead of Add Account. When you start Outlook, it checks Teamup Calendar for updates and downloads any changes.You cannot see other user's calendar's on an i Pad (or i Phone, Windows Phone, Android, or Black Berry) as these devices only sync your own calendars.You will need to copy the calendar to a folder in your mailbox in order to see it on the device.An Outlook user writes: I need to be able to view other people's Exchange calendars on my i Pad.On my i Pad I can see one of my Colleagues calendars but all of my colleagues have shared their calendars out to me and given me full owners permissions, but I can't see their calendars.It is possible to feed calendar data from Teamup to other calendar applications, for example Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple’s i Cal. i Calendar feeds are read-only and provide a periodic automatic synchronization between the source calendar (Teamup) and a third calendar application.This article describes how you obtain i Calendar feed URLs from Teamup and configure third calendar application to read them.


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