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Despite her fame and her attractiveness it seems like she wasn’t much into changing boyfriends and it was not until recently that we got a clue about whom she was dating, But now that we know, we might thought it would be of great interest to the public.

She quit her career as a professional wrestler and has settled down in life, with her husband Weston Wayne.

Having earned enough fame and popularity, she has also earned lots of fans and admirers from around the world.

Also, she has made a fortune for herself, economically; as she has got a net worth value of million US dollars.

We are totally invested in helping Josie realize her dream wedding.

And because Josie has such refined taste and style, I know it will be beautiful and understated. Catch all new episodes of Brooke's web series, All Downhill From Here, every Tuesday on You Tube.

I was 42 when I got married for the first and only time. I always think of it as our wedding, Josie's and mine. She was so well behaved she made me look like a really good mother. We were instantly drawn to each other but he had a girlfriend and he was a gentleman. She would come through the back stage door and start calling to him "Nony, Nony, are you here?

But I'd always wanted to have children so I started on my own. She was a very easy baby and toddler; cheerful, social, and just the cutest thing you ever saw.

Apart from her strength and power, she is also known for her quickness and agility inside the ring.But the plan really took off when our next door neighbor stopped by to introduce himself.He was a chef named Joe Hyde and I hired him on the spot to do the catering. There is the internet, where lifestyles are displayed flagrantly for all to see and envy, and where researching the available choices is made almost too easy.She has had a very successful career as a wrestler, although it was not very long but it surely was glorious.Prior to her wrestling career, she worked as a model and was especially known for showing off her sexy body in bikini contests; many of which pictures are available on her Instagram account.Wayne, who is a professional model himself also used to be Brooke’s personal trainer and instructor, before they got married in 2014.As of now, the couple is together and happy and sources say they are expecting a baby anytime in 2016.We found an old stone cottage overlooking the Hudson in a town called Sneden's Landing that was 45 minutes from Times Square. I hadn't planned anything for our April wedding and it was already late March.I remember sitting in the living room with my 3-year-old daughter trying to figure out what to do. Josie recommended we have the reception in this quaint house we were renting, mostly because our landlady, the "boggle" widow, had stashes of candy hidden in every nook and cranny, Josie thought that made it perfect for the party.An American by nationality, she has got a mixed ethnicity from Latin America and Southern Europe.There is not much information to discuss about Brooke’s personal life, especially her love life.


  1. Mar 3, 2016. Know more about Brooke Tessmacher Wiki, Married, Husband or Boyfriend. Brooke Nichole Adams is an American pro wrestler and a former.

  2. TheWrestlers. Name Brooke Adams Age 29. Hometown Houston, Texas Connection to your teammate Girlfriend Current occupation Professional Wrestler

  3. Jul 18, 2017. Brooke Adams has spent her entire adult life in front of the camera – as a swimsuit and fitness model, a dancer in WWE's Extreme Expose.

  4. Brooke Adams Ring names Brooke Brooke Adams Miss Tessmacher Brooke. after Lex Luthor's girlfriend and assistant in the first two Superman movies.

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