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For freelancers, the prices usually start around 1,500b.It used to 1,000b a few years ago but it seems that has jumped up a little bit.The short-time and the long-term amount you can negotiate. If you want a handjob from a massage sop the price is 500-600b on top of the massage price. If you ask a go-go girl or freelancer only for a handjob or blowjob, they will charge you the same price as sex.What does this money actually get you in terms of service, that’ varies from girl to girl.To get your numbers to 90-100%, ask a girl on Thai Cupid to meet you at a nightclub.

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There’s a lot of qualities to take into account, how do you look, how good are you with words, how well can you read a situation.Dating in Thailand is a lot more relaxed than in the west and girls are fine with casual relationships.The prices listed below were last updated December 2017 and will not have changed much since.Be sure to sort out all the details before you take her home.As more western people come here, the chances of getting free sex in Thailand is dropping.For me Koh San Road bars are a little too busy and noisy, some of these bars blast the music out so loud you cannot speak.The upside is that beers are super cheap, you’ll be paying around 140b for a big 600ml beer in KSR where the same will cost you 250b at any fancy bar in Sukhumvit.For argument’s sake, let’s say the chance of pulling a night one stand in one of Bangkok’s nightclubs is around 20%.If you add the fact of sleeping with a hooker who does not ask for money, then around 50%.Some Thai go-go girls are really smart and they will do everything in their power to get you to buy drinks while you’re inside the bar, but when you bar fine them and leave they go cold.This is a common ploy used by some girls so please read my article to find out how to avoid these sorts of tricks.


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  2. Sex in Thailand – Prices Many people come to Thailand each year for the food, weather and girls. There are many places you can get sex in Thailand if you know where to look, or even if you just get lost. This article is to give you a brief overview of places or websites one can go and sex in Bangkok, and the price that comes with it.

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