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While this technique doesn’t have the horsepower it used to, posting your content to popular social bookmarking sites (Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, etc.) can still be a great source of traffic, backlinks and overall exposure.Think of social bookmarking as peer-reviewed content.Sure, you could just type your blog post’s headline into all of your social site’s status boxes, include your shortened link and call it good. Realize that each social site is a bit different (environment, social etiquette, audience demographics / psychographics).Tailoring your status/headline for each community could make a big difference.

Once you have established RSS connections on your social sites, you shouldn’t have to do it again.A few examples: A great strategy is to write a compelling headline or question as your forum post title, then include some thoughtful commentary followed by your shortened URL.Lastly, ask for readers to provide feedback on the forum to continue the discussion.A strong corporate blog can pay big dividends in the form of increased customer engagement and search engine rankings.But what many companies forget is the “marketing” part of content marketing.Go back to your content and try to beef up your post title, content, meta description and tags with those popular terms/phrases.One of the most powerful and misunderstood mechanisms of a blog is its RSS feed.Even Great Content Can Go Unnoticed We would like to think after hitting “publish” on a new post that the seas will part, angels will sing and Moses will lead customers straight into our shopping carts. In reality, the only people who know your post is there are you and your RSS subscribers.After a while, a search engine spider will come along and your post will begin jockeying for search-engine position among the thousands of other web pages related to that same topic.Plaxo – Although not as popular, Plaxo is another great business networking site that makes it really easy to “add a feed” and plug in your blog content automatically.Ning Community Sites – If any of your fishing holes are built on the Ning platform, you can plug in your feed using the “Add RSS” widget included on your profile page.


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