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Candidating for methodist ministers

As you prepare for it in the months and years ahead, we will stand with you and offer you our fullest support.Spirit of the living God, we pray for Name as he/she prepares to answer your call.Guide him/her as he/she faces further decisions and strengthen him/her when the path is long and hard. Keep us open to your guidance as we continue to offer our support and as we listen for your call in our own lives. Create written responses to ministry questions, undergo a psychological evaluation and background check, and provide any other information the district committee requests.United Methodists call this phase "Certified Candidacy." Continue with your candidacy.Spend time reading books on Christian ministry and praying about your vocation.

Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey leads the Michigan Area, and the Rev.

United Methodists call this phase: Completing Candidacy." Robert Allen has been a full-time writer for more than a decade.

He previously worked in information technology as a network engineer.

Allen earned a bachelor's degree in history and religion/philosophy from Indiana Wesleyan University, a master's degree in humanities from Central Michigan University and completed his graduate studies at Christian Theological Seminary.

This order may be used within a service of worship by a congregation to recognize a candidate for the ordained ministry after he or she has been certified as a candidate by the district Committee on Ordained Ministry.


  1. If you are considering ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church, or would. the opportunity, your first step is to talk with your pastor or campus minister. If at all possible, you want to become a “certified candidate” before you enter.

  2. No candidate aged 50 or beyond in the year of acceptance will be accepted. ORDAINED MINISTERS WISHING TO TRANSFER FROM OTHER CHURCHES.

  3. Have completed Tennessee Conference academic requirements prior to ordination; Have been certified as a candidate for one year before commissioning and.

  4. Elder – Elders are ordained United Methodist clergy who preach and teach the. Candidate writes to the district superintendent to request an invitation to the.

  5. Persons requesting to be certified lay ministers CLM, district superintendent assignments DSA or certified as a candidate/initially approved for license as a.

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