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Carbon dating disproves the bible Private one 2 one cam phone sex

Creationists abuse information theory by making claims about information without ever defining the term.

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There are many examples of supposed evolution given by proponents.They could not be random—they simply had to be designed and created.This statement is not an argument at all, but merely an assertion.Biological evolution occurs within systems that are self-reproducing and contain variation and differential survival and reproduction.Life can use energy to grow, reproduce, and therefore evolve. 2) The high information content of DNA could only have come from intelligence.DNA is by far the most compact information storage/retrieval system known.A pinhead of DNA has a billion times more information capacity than a 4-gigabit hard drive.TEN MAJOR FLAWS OF EVOLUTION – REVISED by Randy Alcorn (with additional editing by Jim Darnall).I wrote the following article many years ago, but it needed to be thoroughly revised and updated.Information science does NOT say that all complex information has an intelligent source.In fact, it has been shown that complex information can emerge spontaneously out of blind and natural processes following relatively simple rules.


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