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Char c 2 pics

It's simple to copy and paste the code of a "virtual picture", into your blog.

Remember it's ALWAYS TEXT, HTML :) that represents a picture.

Bookmaker Coral slashed the odds into 2-1 from 5-1 on the Queen abdicating from the throne in 2018.

Coral’s John Hill said: “Following the news that Prince Charles is set to take over as the Head of the Commonwealth, we have seen a surge of bets on the Queen stepping down from the throne in 2018 where her odds have tumbled in the last 24 hours.”The Queen told the heads of state from across the globe on Thursday: "It is my sincere wish that the Commonwealth will continue to offer stability and continuity to future generations, and will decide that one day the Prince of Wales should carry on the important work started by my father in 1949."Her shock intervention came despite concerns within the Commonwealth that Prince Charles would not make a suitable head and a growing campaign to elect a leader on a rotational basis.

No matter the challenge, it seems like he always brings a cocky and confident attitude.

I have matches featuring Z-Man from four different companies, so choosing something to review wasn't easy. So I figure they probably have a good-natured rivalry about this stuff, comparing notes on things like who beat up Z-Man better.

Html is like plain Text but could contain color or not and have tags.I settled on these two matches, because they have some natural connections. At the end, we'll see who I think did the better job. Kelly King (BGEast) Long before I knew Kelly King was going to wrestle for BGEast, I had created the character of Dante for him.First, they're from BGEast and Can-Am, the grand daddies of wrestling video companies. I thought he was a hot stud, but never thought he'd show up in this world. And putting him against Z-Man made this a no-brainer.The lighting and camerawork are on point to admire both guys' bodies, especially Z-Man's. Lane Hartley (Can-Am) I think Lane Hartley is a hot stud. This is not the only video with this match-up, but it's the only one I've seen.I know he's bulked up and gotten hairy, which is great for his pro career, but I fell for him thanks to his first pics in the red speedo at BGEast. That's the Lane that appears here in tight green trunks. Can-Am released theirs in an online format first, so I went with it.Reports last year suggested the Queen would ask for a piece of legislation to grant her eldest son Charles full power to reign while she was still alive if she was still on the throne at the age of 95.But royal commentator Richard Fitziwilliams previously told uk the abdication of the 92-year-old monarch’s uncle Edward VIII “haunted” the royal family and Elizabeth II remains committed to her duty to the nation.I can't even name or show them, but they're pretty awesome.King is clearly the bigger, stronger man, but when Z-Man has the hammer, he suffers like a stud.I do have a 3-minute beatdown of Z-Man at the end of the Hartley/Python Thunder's match, but I don't count that. Both guys sell convincingly, as you'd expect from successful pro wrestlers. I think they're both really hot, with strong pro builds, but I prefer King.The premise of the match is Z-Man wants to go pro with wrestling. He's beefy, but still defined in that thick pro wrestler way.


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