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It didn't matter now though, because my goal was far different.I would not only have my revenge and my grade change, I would break her of that attitude and have my own little slut. I had seen her out alone trolling the bars where she thought that no one she knew would recognize her.I saw she was going to Miami a week early and I immediately thought I knew the reason.Being that far from home where no one would know her, she would no doubt go to South Beach where she could go wild. Drink, tease, and leave a wake of horny, unsatisfied men.I raked my nails down her stomach while thinking to myself, why not give her a good dream.

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She had a delicious looking body for sure and a beautiful face but this was the first time I had seen her like this.

Well, her time was about up and I would see to it she learned exactly what she was. When my fingers hit resistance, I was shocked at first but a smile crossed my face (read that as a very evil grin).

That explained a lot and probably why her boyfriend dumped her. But I was thinking that she was probably just as frustrated with him and that's why she was always a bitch to everyone. I had learned a lot about submissive women when I made friends with the couple that owned a fetish club.

The pain must have penetrated her subconscious because she moaned audibly.

I wondered if I had provoked or altered an erotic dream.


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