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Until about five years ago, the answer had been a funeral. On the surface, it was a great idea, had made for an amazing scene.Grand speeches about great moments of true selflessness from even despicable villains, good guys doing the most heroic of sacrifices. Could the people in charge of the event really let someone stand up and give a eulogy for someone like Kaiser?Status: Looking for slave, maid, pet, sister RP Info: Name: Mera Age: 29 (Physically 1235) Race: Amazon Goddess/Shapeshifter Height: 8'8" Weight: 600 pounds (Pure Raw Dense Thick Muscle Appearance: Refer to photo/Heavily Muscled.Muscles coated in heavily populated with extreme amount of thick bulging veins.You can choose your language settings from within the program.

status: hunting monsters Wheres those fun cybers also love to hear your sexy stories Mistress Succulentass i have a wix but i will fullfill any role or character if you ask 3 questions, 3 chances, 3 honest answers. Any questions, anything no matter how crazy or wrong it is. But I dare you to put this in your profile and see what people ask! I gotta say, Chatango isnt for social rejects or any of that. Alot of attention whores(Mostly these so called `goth or scenes`)These so called `elite RPers` Saying that ***RP ONLY; DONT SAY HI OR HELLO OR U WILL BE BLOCKED*** And the worst of all: Original people.I have used chatango for a time and I met some pretty cool people there and they don`t act All that Emo and they are not social rejects either. These people think they are god cuz they have an account called `Marisa` or `Naruto` or even `god`(Lulz).Bio: Jessica is the only daughter of a Local farmer who provides the nearby villages with food and supplies each month.Her Job mainly is to take caree of the animals in anyway and she takes her job quite literally.*** Share this chat on your chatango profile, the more users the more fun!! v=v1Pgi Bp Ttao hiya there my name is Lynn and i like to play dress up and even like to meet fun new people who like to get naughty and punish naughty boys, also looking for a loving mommy and daddy, or even some one to come make me into a cute little misused sex toy.But she was only interested in those that had a cock.She one day found three different beings and her curiosity got the better of her and she decided too have a buit of fun with all three of them, liking how each one fucked her at the same time.They are crazy people who waste alot of money for some account called -Insert anime character name from X anime-Chatango isnt all a bad site,overall. I mean,facebook but thats the past..where many normal people used to come just for chatting and now..Theres just RPers, Original nerds and stupid whores.


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  2. A Teacher Was Murdered. Then Her Brother Found a Flashlight. Newser. x

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