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Colt 1911 serial dating

They slide into place allowing a shooter not only to change how the back of the pistol fits the hand, but also the sides.

What’s even better is that the side panels can be set up asymmetrically.

Not only are they modular, but the panels are textured quite aggressively.

It pointed very naturally, just like an extension of my arm, just the way a gun in this class should. I started off with the 9mm version going fairly slowly, plinking at paper targets at different ranges just to get a feel for the firearm and to get used to the SA/DA trigger.

I have to admit, I’m spoiled rotten when it comes to triggers.

The pistol comes not only with three interchangeable backstraps (in small, medium, and large), but also with interchangeable side panels.

The backstrap, which is kept in place with a small roll pin, keeps pressure on two removable side panels, one on each side of the gun.


  1. From 1970 to 1976 the serial. All of these modifications to the John Browning designed and Colt produced Model 1911. I wont' be much help in dating.

  2. Series 70 Colt Government Model. Link. 1911 History ; Reading Library ; 1911 Production Info ; M1911 vs. M9 ;. Colt Remington 1911; Colt Serial No. 1136;

  3. Frame and Slide Markings. Early 1911 Colts up to about serial 7500 had their serials stamped after the finish was applied.

  4. Colt 1911 series 80 serial numbers, colt government model series 80 serial numbers, colt mark iv series 80. colt mk iv series 80 serial number dating,

  5. Waffentyp Government Modell National Match 1911 Lauflänge 5″ Holzgriffschalen mit Medaillon alle Teile brüniert verstellbare Target-Visierung.

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