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Consolidating loan private school

Abbreviated “PAYE”, this is one of the most powerful Federal forgiveness programs on the market, and one that you should definitely look into if your loans were taken out after 2007, because it is the most widely available forgiveness benefit, and one of the easiest to qualify for.

First, you’ll have to determine whether your loans are Federal, or Private, and then you’ll need to navigate to the section of this page covering your type of loan, as your loan type is the most important factor in determining which forgiveness programs you’ll qualify for.This program is available to EVERYONE with Federal student loans, so it’s one of the first places you should look for assistance if you’re trying to get rid of Federal debt.For all the details about how it works, please visit my page on President Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program.Remember, in years past, Private loans have been nearly impossible to get rid of via Forgiveness or Discharge programs, but that has all changed in recent years with the expansion of new opportunities for wiping out your Private loans.And on the Private side, unlike Federal Forgiveness, there’s no real divide between “Forgiveness” and “Discharges”, because anything related to Private debt tends to happen right away, so while there are certainly fewer opportunities for getting rid of your Private loans, those opportunities are better in a way since they don’t require years and years of patience while waiting for the benefits to kick in.Part of the Obama Loan Forgiveness Program, Pay As You Earn is one of the best income-based Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans available this year, and it’s only downside is that it’s only available to people who took out loans on or after October 1st, 2007.It works the same way as Obama Loan Forgiveness, in that it sets your monthly student loan payments to an amount based on your annual income (the more you make, the more you have to pay), but it offers complete Federal student loan forgiveness benefits after you’ve made a certain number of payments: 240 payments, or 20 years worth of payments.Following those links, you’ll find all sorts of information about each individual program, including who qualifies for them, how much money they offer, what’s required to qualify for the benefits, and how you can apply to receive them.Obama Loan Forgiveness may be old, but it’s still one of the best student loan forgiveness programs available to anyone, and it’s the OG of forgiveness programs.Keep in mind that while it’s way easier to get rid of Federal loans (because there are so many more programs for them), it’s no longer impossible to qualify for excellent Private Student Loan Forgiveness benefits too, because there are definitely some great options out there now!Please read through the Forgiveness and Discharge Programs listed below, see what you think you may qualify for, then click the links to go to other pages of my site where I explain each program in extreme detail.


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