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Creative speed dating ideas

Once these have been decided, the next step is for each student to research one key individual in order to make notes under the chosen headings.Prior to the lesson, the classroom should ideally be arranged for paired work.

It works particularly well for topics where there are lots of key personalities to learn about: for example, in History this could involve a comparison of Roman Emperors, or the attitude of different types of people towards Hitler in Nazi Germany in.I called it “speed dating” because they really were setting a date –to do a peer observation!Teachers in our DODEA grant project (K-12) have worked all year to design four in-depth units using the process.Best of all is to arrange the chairs in the room in two rows, facing each other, ready for the conversations to take place.Once the students are in the room, divide the class into two groups.However, the speed-dating technique can also be used to compare and contrast factors, objects, themes or events in any field (different types of rocks, chemical elements, revolutions, inventions…).Another great approach to the speed-dating method is to conduct “Blind Dates” not to exchange factual information, but rather opinions and interpretations.In this format, all students are given an open question or a thesis statement to form a judgement upon.Each student has a short amount of time to formulate their response to the question, and then students are paired up to exchange their ideas.Most of these units will be implemented sometime this semester.I had set up a Google Doc for teachers to post when they would be teaching a unit and would welcome peer observers so that other teachers could sign up to visit. During each rotation, meet with a different teacher to exchange brief information about at least one Ub D: -Title/Subject/Grade Level -Transfer Goal -Understandings -21 Room Set up: The expectation was that by the end of the meeting, everyone would have signed up to observe at least one other teacher, and have at least one person coming to observe them.


  1. Sep 27, 2013. Within a year or so, the speed-dating idea had gone viral, with. But as the trend exploded, Deyo realized he had lost control of the idea.

  2. Mar 27, 2013. Yesterday's #edchat focused on creative strategies to make faculty meetings more engaging. That is when I thought of the speed dating idea.

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