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In a devastating assault, Mr Johnson accused the PM of misleading voters about her intentions and putting the UK 'in limbo' with the Chequers plan she forced through Cabinet.Making a clear pitch for the top job without directly calling for Mrs May to quit, he added: 'It is not too late to save Brexit.' The searing assessment - hailed as the 'speech of a statesman' by Jacob Rees-Mogg - could throw Mrs May back into turmoil just as she was hoping to limp into the summer parliamentary break.There were cars left on zig-zags, white lines, close to the middle of the road and across entrances to homes.Major John Monro's incredible journey (map, inset bottom) that involved spending two months traipsing through the Chinese jungle, is featured in a new book written by his daughter Mary Monro, 55, of Bath.Students at the University of Manchester have painted over the famous Rudyard Kipling (inset) poem 'If' because he stands for the 'opposite of liberation, empowerment and human rights'.

'If' was originally painted on the wall of the students union by a resident artist, but removed by the students because it was 'deeply inappropriate' to promote the work of Kipling.

The corporation could be left with a bill of up to £5million after the case dragged on for four years. I've spent my whole life hugging people's grandchildren.' Amy Nickell, 27, (pictured) discovered she was pregnant (pictured inset) with her son Freddy (pictured together right) when she was age 24 after being in a relationship with his father for a few months.

Mr Justice Mann said the BBC had infringed the star's privacy rights in a 'serious and sensationalist way' and increased the damages because the corporation boasted about its 'scoop of the year' at an awards event. A graduate from Leeds University, Amy had begun her career as a reporter at Yahoo interviewing celebrities on the red carpet and was living in North London.

It was only after sifting through hundreds of pages of hand-written letters and typed documents (inset top) of his time in wartime Hong Kong that she learnt of his ordeal.

Major Monroe (right) reached China's wartime capital Chongqing in April 1942 after an exhausting two month journey and remained there until the end of 1943 working as a military attache.


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