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The user would also need to be strapped into the device.The computer generated graphics were very primitive wireframe rooms and objects.In 1838 Charles Wheatstone’s research demonstrated that the brain processes the different two-dimensional images from each eye into a single object of three dimensions.Viewing two side by side stereoscopic images or photos through a stereoscope gave the user a sense of depth and immersion.He also created six short films for his invention all of which he shot, produced and edited himself.The Sensorama films were titled, Motorcycle, Belly Dancer, Dune Buggy, helicopter, A date with Sabina and I’m a coca cola bottle!  Morton Heilig’s next invention was the Telesphere Mask (patented 1960) and was the first example of a head-mounted display (HMD), albeit for the non-interactive film medium without any motion tracking.The headset provided stereoscopic 3D and wide vision with stereo sound.

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Head movements would move a remote camera, allowing the user to naturally look around the environment.In 1961, two Philco Corporation engineers (Comeau & Bryan) developed the first precursor to the HMD as we know it today – the Headsight.It incorporated a video screen for each eye and a magnetic motion tracking system, which was linked to a closed circuit camera.If we focus more strictly on the scope of virtual reality as a means of creating the illusion that we are present somewhere we are not, then the earliest attempt at virtual reality is surely the 360-degree murals (or panoramic paintings) from the nineteenth century.These paintings were intended to fill the viewer’s entire field of vision, making them feel present at some historical event or scene.In 1929 Edward Link created the “Link trainer” (patented 1931) probably the first example of a commercial flight simulator, which was entirely electromechanical.It was controlled by motors that linked to the rudder and steering column to modify the pitch and roll.A small motor-driven device mimicked turbulence and disturbances.Such was the need for safer ways to train pilots that the US military bought six of these devices for 00. During World War II over 10,000 “blue box” Link Trainers were used by over 500,000 pilots for initial training and improving their skills.We haven’t had a vintage tips list for quite awhile here on Tipnut and I figured it’s about time! Here’s a bunch of snippets I’ve collected from old magazines and cookbooks, there might be a new trick or two in the bunch that you find helpful. Grandmother’s Lettuce (1953)1 solid head lettuce 1 bunch spring onions 6 slices bacon, diced 1/2 cup vinegar Wash, drain, and shred the lettuce.


  1. Thumbnail Pexels. Today's dating style is different compared to how our grandparents dated in the 1950s. Back then, it was fairly common to.

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