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Dating a mexican fender stratocaster

, Rubber Soul and later recording sessions; the double unison guitar solo on "Nowhere Man" is played by Harrison and Lennon on their new Stratocasters.After the introduction of the Fender Stratocaster Ultra series in 1989, ebony was officially selected as a fretboard material on some models (although several Elite Series Stratocasters manufactured in 1983/84 such as the Gold and Walnut were available with a stained ebony fretboard).In the floating position, players can move the bridge-mounted tremolo arm up or down to modulate the pitch of the notes being played.Hank Marvin, have used the Stratocaster's floating vibrato extensively in their playing.Some players, such as Eric Clapton and Ronnie Wood, feel that the floating bridge has an excessive propensity to detune guitars and so inhibit the bridge's movement with a chunk of wood wedged between the bridge block and the inside cutout of the tremolo cavity, and by increasing the tension on the tremolo springs; these procedures lock the bridge in a fixed position.Some Stratocasters have a fixed bridge in place of the tremolo assembly; these are colloquially called "hard-tails".The Fender Stratocaster is a model of electric guitar designed in 1954 by Leo Fender, Bill Carson, George Fullerton, and Freddie Tavares.The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has continuously manufactured the Stratocaster from 1954 to the present.

The color was originally a two color sunburst pattern, although custom color guitars were produced (most famously Eldon Shamblin's gold Stratocaster, dated 6/1954).On many modern Stratocasters, the first tone control affects the neck pickup; the second tone control affects the middle and bridge pickups; on some Artist Series models (Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy signature guitars), the first tone control is a presence circuit that cuts or boosts treble and bass frequencies, affecting all the pickups; the second tone control is an active midrange booster that boosts the midrange frequencies up to 25 d B (12 d B on certain models) to produce a fatter humbucker-like sound.Dick Dale is a prominent Stratocaster player who also collaborated with Leo Fender in developing the Fender Showman amplifier.A unique single-ply, 8-screw hole white pickguard held all electronic components except the recessed jack plate—facilitating easy assembly.Original Stratocasters were manufactured with five tremolo springs, allowing the bridge set up to "float".During this time, vintage instruments from the pre-CBS era became popular.When the Fender company was bought from CBS by a group of investors and employees headed by Bill Schultz in 1985, manufacturing resumed its former high quality and Fender was able to regain market share and brand reputation.However, since the middle pickup is almost always wired in reverse (and with its magnets having opposite polarity), this configuration creates a spaced humbucking pair, which significantly reduces 50/60 cycle hum.In 1977 Fender introduced a 5-way selector making such pickup combinations more stable.As the bridge floats, the instrument has a tendency to go out of tune during double-stop string bends.Many Stratocaster players opt to tighten the tremolo springs (or even increase the number of springs used) so that the bridge is firmly anchored against the guitar body: in this configuration, the tremolo arm can still be used to slacken the strings and therefore lower the pitch, but it cannot be used to raise the pitch (a configuration sometimes referred to as "dive-only").


  1. Dating a Fender Stratocaster Fender Stratocaster Chronology The Stratocaster was first introduced in spring 1954, it may well be the most popular and copied guitar design ever.

  2. The Fender Stratocaster was the first guitar to feature three pickups and a spring tension vibrato system, as well as being the first Fender with a contoured body. The Stratocaster's sleek, contoured body shape officially referred to by Fender as the "Comfort Contour Body" differed from the flat, slab-like design of the Telecaster. The Stratocaster's

  3. I own a second hand Standard Stratocaster made in Mexico. On the back side of the head, there is a sticker that informs about celebration of 50 years of Fender in 1996. I have checked guitar dating page on but was unable to locate appropriate serial number.

  4. The Fender Stratocaster isnt just a guitar, its a cultural icon, a piece of modern Americana. Way back in the the early legend of guitar research, Michael Wright, published a short list like this in his book Guitar Stories Volume One. Cuttingedge technology is usually superior to the older stuff. Learn how to read Mexican Fender

  5. These books are the same resources we refer to here at Fender, when trying to research answers to these same history and dating questions. You may want to consider ordering one or more of the following books through your local Fender Dealer.

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