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Dating and marriage customs in usa

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This is only the tip of the iceberg in what is wrong with the dating scene in the USA. Men in America do not have such options and virtually no prospects for relationships because there is a scarcity of high-quality women in America. American women have such ridiculously high and unrealistic standards, and are “independent” enough not to need a man, that they are weeding out several “losers” per week.One’s sanity and physical well-being are under attack in this maelstrom of fecal matter.Good American women do exist, but they are the exception, not the norm.” Have standards plummeted to the point where the amygdala takes over and eliminates inhibitions in the name of chasing tail?I admit that whenever I see such a sight, I have to look away in disgust or laugh so hard, I have a back spasm.The American dating landscape is like the job market: competitive, cynical, frustrating and harsh.while searching for work in a competitive job market, put himself on the line daily at that job he worked so hard to get, and when he’s not working, he gets to spend his personal life and free time in “the unemployment line,” competing with other men for the golden fleece.When the aforementioned scenarios do not occur, men are subject to the most nightmarish, Twilight Zone-type dating endeavors and experiences.They find themselves in a kind of dystopia, a conundrum of no-win situations.So, not only are such women extremely rare, but they are always taken.They have always been taken and, judging by the current state of affairs in the American dating landscape, they won’t be otherwise anytime soon.


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