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Dating customs in finland

Everyone has the right to participate in the activities of society. Finnish culture places more value on individualism than many other cultures.

Freedom of the individual is strongly present in the Finnish legislation. For example, young people are encouraged to become independent and move into their own homes. It is important to keep your promises and tell the truth. When you have a meeting, arrive at the agreed time.

According to them, people have free access rights in nature, and do not need the landowner’s permission for all outdoor activities.

Read more about everyman’s rights on the Infopankki page Recreation and travel in nature. In Finland, looking someone in the eye communicates that you are being frank and honest towards that person.

It is uncommon in Finland to show your emotions in public.

First-name terms are also used among strangers and colleagues.

In Finland, people are expected to truly mean what they say.

People believe what you say and expect you to act accordingly.

Equality and fairness are important values for Finns.

In Finnish society, everyone is equal and must be treated fairly.


  1. When in Rome, act like the Romans”, often Finns say to me when I try to bring out some of the issues that bother me as an expat in Finland. I found their response inadequate because it doesn`t leave any room for critical assessment of the local host culture.

  2. If you're from the U. S. and especially from one of the larger cities, the dating culture comparatively in Finland is almost non-existent.

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