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However, Elka's romantic problems take on a lot more problems when Max decides to leave for Florida and asks her to come with him.

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Knight, whom she despises because he never called after a one-night stand she had with him.In addition, she learns at a movie audition that she will be playing Melanie Griffith's mother, which results in the two having a cat fight (that is caught on tape), and later manages to land a job on All My Children alongside rival actress Susan Lucci in the wake of Victoria winning a Daytime Emmy award over Lucci in the first season.Unfortunately, Lucci seeks revenge by screwing with Victoria during their scenes together, which is thwarted by Joy threatening to sue the producers.Because of these events, Elka could face more legal problems, prompting her lawyer to suggest that she be declared incompetent so she won't stand trial, which proves to be a disaster because her lawyer becomes a chick magnet for Melanie, Joy and Victoria.Max dates and prepares to marry another woman, but Elka fights back and both Elka and Max became a couple again.But that isn't the only revelation coming from Elka, for it turns out that she also had a tryst with Rick, the neighbor and The Plain Dealer columnist who tried to seduce Melanie in the first season.In addition, Max's son is running for political office and Elka realises that dating Max could affect his chances because he doesn't want the publicity, so she breaks up with Max.On top of that, she tells Elka after being arrested by Pete for taking money in a rummage sale drug deal (she sold a guy Victoria's "chill pills") that she was a shoplifter as a teenager.Her love life also takes a weird turn when she finds out a guy she thought was into her really just wants Joy to babysit his son while he dates a different woman, which gives Joy the idea of wanting to have another child.Financial problems are also taking a toll on Victoria, who has just learned that her financial advisor was arrested on embezzlement charges and as a result, is now broke and has her assets frozen, leaving her trying to get herself out of debt and hopefully keep her sanity.An example of that comes when she shows up at a bar with a very old, wheelchair-bound billionaire, but he collapses during their first night out and demands to be taken home.


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