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of Human Resources 47 Trinity Avenue SW, Room 217-H Atlanta, GA 30334 (404) 656-4750 Email: [email protected] Mr. Lavoie Director, Vital Records Unit [email protected] Please contact the Legal Section of the Vital Records office (404-656-4901) and ask for instructions for correcting a vital record.

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Contact Information: Vital Records Service State Dept.5%) more likely to not go to school at least one day during the 30 days prior to the survey because of safety concerns, compared with heterosexual students.While not a direct measure of school performance, absenteeism has been linked to low graduation rates, which can have lifelong consequences.For LGBT people and their families, estate planning is a tool that can be used to secure basic rights that many take for granted.If you haven’t completed these important documents, it’s important to do so as soon as possible, at any age, whether you are single or partnered.You will need to change your name with Social Security Administration prior to changing it with the DDS.You will need to bring the copy of your name change order along with .00 for a corrected license.These documents will help you protect your rights and wishes: This document is intended for informational use only, and is in no way intended to constitute legal advice or the opinions of the Campaign for Southern Equality.Because the law is constantly changing, the Campaign for Southern Equality cannot guarantee that this information is accurate and up-to-date. If you have any questions, please consult a licensed attorney.One of the first free dating apps on the scene, Zoosk is integrated with Facebook and Google , which makes it even easier to sign up and start searching for your match.Not only does Zoosk have a free app for i Phone and Android, but it also has a free Facebook-specific app, allowing you to choose which one works best for your needs.


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