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Dating in a christian relationship

This aim, then, is the principle of the “Holy Kiss.” We should not avoid all physical contact because it’s completely alien to our humanity.However, the goal of such contact should be to express affection without causing sexual arousal.Arms that constantly surround your partner show protection and a degree of ownership of one another.That is perfectly natural if it is a serious, exclusive relationship but quite inappropriate if it’s not.For example, spending time alone in your room late at night with the door shut is probably not the best idea.Invite your Christian brothers into the boundaries and standards you have set in your relationship so that they can encourage you and keep you accountable. I saw one dating couple interacting before going into a social event.

As a man, it’s your role to lead in the area of setting boundaries and guarding each other against lust.

Physical contact is meant to express affection, not to sexually arouse either you or your partner. Guard your heart and your partner’s heart from lust.

Whenever there is sexual arousal, you have transgressed the guideline of the “Holy Kiss” and have sinned in the use of your freedom to express physical closeness.

They should be rather intuitive, which always makes for a good standard, but we’ll spell out some principles to avoid legal problems should someone use this standard to defend the owning and operating of a Christian brothel.

Your degree of physical contact should be appropriate for your level of relationship.


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  2. When we think of a physical standard for dating, it might be helpful to consider how we related to a. If it is a Christian relationship, I'm betting on the third option.

  3. Serial dating moving through a series of one romantic relationship to another. When it comes to “Christian dating” those same underlying motivations still exist.

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