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This suggests that most renters are reasonably happy with their current situation.

For some reason I am getting an error when trying to validate this report.For single renters, there’s one specific factor that might be most important – which metros have the best opportunities for dating?Apartment List conducts an annual survey of renters, in which we collect data on renters’ satisfaction with their cities across a range of dimensions.I am building a report which shows a list of users that are out of compliance due to not meeting a training deadline.The queries that show and filter the data have been built and I have verified the correct information is showing in my list. The first item I am working on is a "Hyperlink Button" that will launch an email to the out-of-compliance user.Looking for nice female company, discussions and possibly more, depending on interest on both sides.Twink video meetup (if you are shy) : P : https://jitsi.sixtopia.net/34c3twinks Colorful 37 year-old non-binary femme gender-skeptic relationship anarchist seeks fellow queer to get to know. I’m interested in long conversations, music, food, geeky things, and social justice/helping fellow humans be free User:em I'm a non-women, couples, binary non-cis genderqueer sexually fluid cephalopod identifying mocca frappe latte with a childish love for everything fun and am seeking company.The results below are based on responses from over 13,000 renters nationwide collected from October 2016 through the first week of February 2017.Today’s report focuses on the following question: “How would you rate your current city or neighborhood for opportunities to date and make friends?Looking for company to attend the Kinky Geeks bondage workshops!The beginner’s workshop is already in a couple of hours, but maybe we can go to the advanced one too.


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