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Dating polish men

Yes, in the States we have more Playstation, but so what.

What I mean is there are just as many things in Poland as in the USA to buy and consume, however, the culture here is people would rather spend their time in a park reading a book than a mall.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit you can make as much money as you want in Poland.

Working at job is harder you need to have concrete skills.

Whatever your preference, let the search be fun and easy with

Thanks to our advanced search filters, it’s easy to kick-start your polish dating journey and find your perfect match – so if you’re looking for someone who shares your love of Polish food such as Pierogi or someone who’s as passionate about travelling as you are, then you’ve come to the right place.

People are much closer to their families and often live three generation in the same house.

The first thing you will notice about Poland is life is sweeter.And if you need some dating inspiration, take a look at our articles covering everything from our favourite Polish restaurants in the UK to our top 3 Polish celebrities who we’d love to date.We’ve even put together our favourite Polish recipes so you can show-off in the kitchen and whip up your very own Polish feast.If you are an entrepreneur or a manager you will be richer than your counterparts in London or New York if you factor in the Polish standard of living and lifestyle.I know people will disagree with me on this, but human labor, from baby sitters to house cleaners, special tutors for your children, personal trainers and massage people and garners are very cheap.Being a good human and Christian is the focus of most unless you are one of these new rich metro men.Economics of Poland The first thing people ask is what is it like in terms of the economy. Well Poland is a modern EU country that left communism a quarter of a century ago.Are you from Poland looking to date another Pole in the UK?Or perhaps you’re British and are looking to date someone from a Polish background?But generally Polish dating is all about marriage and having a family.If you are not married it is a great place to find a spouse. It is the same as all over the world, except things move at a slower pace. If you send someone and e-mail do not expect it to be returned right away.


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