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The time has come to deliberate whether it is reasonable to be confined to only these kinds of evidences for the purposes of proving the antiquity of an event and construct history.Is it justified to dismiss the historical existence of Ram because of the absence of such 'archaeological evidences'?Like any archaeological discovery, the eternal existence and cyclical movement of the astronomical bodies in the sky is a matter of factual existence.Their movements have been unswerving, unchanging and consistent for millions of years.No doubt that the Valmiki Ramayana is an exception, so far as the availability of systematic astronomical evidence in ancient literature is concerned.In other compilations, the references to the astronomical bodies are not so systematic and prolific.

Such confirmations independently demonstrate the authenticity of the recorded observations, antiquity of those events and accuracy of the findings of this study.

What else remains to be proved to establish and demonstrate the existence and antiquity of Lord Ram as well as the Indian civilization, is difficult to argue.

The dating of events has been provided in terms of day, month and year, if not hours, in all the results.

Such systematic and consistent cyclical movements permit us to ascertain when exactly any particular planetary configuration was in existence in history.

The biggest hesitation in accepting the dates found on the basis of astronomical dating, so far, was the inaccuracy involved in manually computing the positions of the planets in the historical past.


  1. The astronomical dating of the events in the two great historical texts of the ancient worldSo, it is but natural to ask, is there any mention about the descendants of Lord Rama inIn this blog you will find out who the descendants of Rama were in the era of.

  2. In the epic Ramayana, Sage Valmiki mentioned that when Lord Ram was born, the sun was located in Aries, saturn was in Libra, Jupiter & the moon were in Cancer, Venus was seen in Pisces while Mars was located in Capricorn.

  3. Ramar Paalam/Rama Setu — EvidencesBhugol mein Ram Raja Rama in World geography Ramayana era based on planetarium software Ramayana era based on planetarium software Source Pushkar Bhatnagar, 2004, Dating the Era of Lord Ram.

  4. Friday, June 15, 2012. Scientific Dating of Vedic and Ramayan Era. Now, how do these dates correlated with your calculated date of birth of Lord Rama as 5114 BC ? I know its easy to ask questions.

  5. The Jain texts are dated variously, but generally pre-500 CE, most likely sometime within the first five centuries of the common to Lord Rama i. Dating The Rama story is carved into stone as an 8th-century relief artwork in the largest Shiva temple of.

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