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When a man is- taking you with his plane or helicopter for lunch to Paris orders Dom Perignon and tips 0 to the waiter on your first date- taking you for shopping and getting you fancy clothes & jewelery- sending you flowers & gifts every single day since you met- having multiple phones himself and buying you a brand new phone so just between you and him this phone can be used and calls you after 10pmmost probably you are with a hunter playboy.Both types would use manipulation in different ways to get you but wouldn’t talk neither commit to future plans.At this stage women with strong masculine mask go after only business’, significance, fame and refuses to get married and having children.A man with masculine core — when a powerful and judgemental father dominates — puts a feminine mask in childhood.

Masculine energy is generally slow and dull, ruled by the left hemisphere of the brain — analytical mind, cold in judgement, logical thinker, great with organization, go-getters.

How so even though knowing all these traits we lack in communication and creating an everlasting, fulfilling relationship?

It is mainly because we most of us have “masks” from our childhood, upbringing, and we get into relationships with these masks as well as our fears.

Right brain dominant people are likely to be cat lovers also good in professions as art, writing, nursing, health practices, life coaching, psychology, spirituality.

Feminine energy is all about recieving, allowing and surrendering. Since we all have the traits of both energies and use the both sides of our brains how come do we suffer in relationships?


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  2. I've no idea who she is, but I watched some of the youtube videos of their dates and I can confidently say Destiny will get bored of her VERY.

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