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Devon baldwin and g eazy dating

Halsey isn't the first pop diva that her rapper boo has romanced.

In fact, G-Eazy seems to have a particular soft spot for loving (and leaving) popular pop singers.

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A few years back, he had his first Adventure tour, there he assembled huge fan following.

He had also described the whole incident in his album “Everything will be OK” and “When it’s Dark out”.

In an interview, he had said that his grandfather used to hear the old song and he were also interested in that kind of music.

Up to now he has released several EP’s and mixtapes and earned fame and wealth.

G Eazy is the famous American rapper, he has a long list of fans and majority of them are female fans.


  1. G-Eazy girlfriends & dates. Whom G-Eazy Dating. that he has purposed a singer for marriage named Devon Baldwin. Eazy’s fans will soon good.

  2. Devon Baldwin is a Bay Area native singer and songwriter, who also happens to love drinking whiskey, eating avocados in all their many forms, and.

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