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Direct approach dating

Just saw this in the Canberra Times classifieds and although the photo I took of the print didn’t turn out very well, the online copy delivers.Peter doesn’t want to pay or be paid for his pleasure, but I think he could get more than he bargained for if he follows any leads that come is way…And even if you have some 'online' chemistry there is no guarantee that there will be sexual attraction (unless you start to work on that very hard from moment 1 i guess but i don't bother with that).So direct approach is better in terms of sexual attraction imo.I didn't sleep with many (just around 20), but one of my friends started online dating, and he slept with more than 30 women in the past year alone.He says he saved a lot of money, and time by not going out much. I would rarely send out messages to woman and wait till they would message me first.If they messaged me first it was almost guaranteed I would sleep with them.Lokey Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk Dude, I don't know what universe you live in that women message you, but I'd sure like to be there.

Plant your feet shoulder-width apart and facing forward.

I have an online profile and I, like most other ordinary mortals, get ZERO messages first, and next to zero even if I message first. I personally think it comes down to whether you are better at influencing perception or state.

As we’ve discovered in the previous installments, women want to meet attractive men during the daytime.

Even when using online dating, you need some skills that are difficult to obtain online alone. But the learning curve was a lot higher than if I'd have used regular game as well. You'll get good at messaging and texting pretty quick.

I used online to get into the game, but really think it was a backwards approach. But you'll end up going out about once every weekend with one single woman. In real life you'll gain just as much experience in two approaches at a real life venue.


  1. Direct Approach Dating Summit DVD to Feature Alan Roger Currie and David X - Free download as PDF File.pdf, Text File.txt or read online for free.

  2. Optical Approach offers faster method for carbon dating. – “With a portable instrument, direct measurements could be conducted on-site, with results returned in a.

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