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The Sims 2 Also known as The Sims 2: Hotel for Nintendo DS is the first DS game of The Sims 2.Like the many of the console games it takes place in Strangetown with some of the same faces.

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Alternate ways of getting Simoleons include finding license plates and selling them to the sheriff in the prison, selling fuel rods to the clerk in the city hall, selling the gourds to the lady in the Saloon and selling UFO parts to Johnny Smith (the general store clerk).Items can be traded to other Sims for a big boost in relationship. When a Sim is checked in declare how long they are staying. Depending on how they feel at the end of their vacation they will pay either full, half, or tip.Always restock the brochure holder, because each one is worth 15 Simoleons.Skill points, when they appear, will remain in the same location for 8 hours, changing at 8 a.m., 4 p.m. The calendar gives the time when the skill point first can be discovered, but it will remain there for 8 hours.Only one skill point of each type can be found at a certain time, day and location.Like the majority of other games in the Sims series it is possible to enter romantic relationships with other Sims.But Sims can only interact romantically with a Sim of the different gender, and not every Sim can be romanced.Players can get Simoleons by cheering people up, calming them down or restraining them.Even more ways involve going to the desert with your metal detector to find things like mummified aliens and metal bars that you can sell to the shop clerk.As well as completing the in game goals, it is the players' job to maintain the hotel. There is a cheat to unlock the Bovine Shrine (the Cult Room).There are 5 types of skill points: Body, Business, Charisma, Creativity, and Mechanical.


  1. Dec 8, 2004. Metacritic Game Reviews, Sprung for DS, Sprung creates an entirely new. The dating simulation, or "stimulation," title features gender-specific.

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