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Email response time online dating

It doesn't take long for me to think of a responce to someone, I just go into my Word Pro and copy/paste the list of responces I have lined up lol Since I'm one of the few that don't answer every email immediately, I have to point something out. Or it could be someone from out of town that's going to be in my neck of the woods on one specific afternoon and want to go hang out and be friends.

This may just be me but because I didn't answer an email the very second I finished reading it, absolutely does NOT reflect my interest level in that person. If I leave that email unopened, I'm gonna miss the opportunity.

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I prefer a response of thanks for but no over a read/delete!!!Talking about yourself, at this point, should be limited, and related to the person you're interested in.**Bonus advice: Never, for the love of god, describe yourself (whether in your profile, or in messages) as a "kick-ass" ANYTHING. A few years back, the OKCupid blog posted a really helpful index of what kinds of messages get responses — and which ones don't.Let me tell you, nobody on that site is reading it. There's lots of good stuff here — write using real words and real sentences; don't compliment their looks up front; bring up specific interests.Sometimes I just really don't feel like communicating, I might read but I don't answer right away.I'm not going to -force- myself to do it and certainly not going to hold to someone else's idea of a proper time limit.If my email was "too late", well I guess I get an Unread/Delete.*shrugs* But I assume people have lives, with my emails, get back to me when you can and when you want to. Did you know that if you have a person on your 'favourites' list, then you can tell the last time they were online at Po F?If I see someone has read and hasn't replied, well I guess I am not important enough. So I can only take she didn't like what I asked or said - so be it. The email could be important, a friend asking for some help.Point in case - girl messages me say's a bunch of nice things, i respond, she gets back. No skin off my back, and if there was it's cause I was peeling and not cause of a reply lol When I open my mail or a message I reply at that time or I don't bother opening it. I would always find the time and energy regardless of my mood for a friend in need.But the vast majority of emails in my box at least, are just chit-chat emails.It's hardly going to end their world if I want to wait until I'm feeling chit-chatty and if it does, that's a little over-sensitive for me anyway.


  1. It's usually considered polite when a friend or colleague replies to your email promptly. But such a swift response may have a downside - it may mean the sender is stressed or has low self-esteem, according to research.

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