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The identity of his girlfriend/cousin was revealed to a store assistant, when the two were buying ,000 in Italian designer clothes and shared the same fitting room.

You all may recall when Obiang rented Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen’s 300-foot yacht, Tatoosh, for somewhere between 0,000 or 0,000.

Steve Bannon: Finally, what about Japan’s Shinzo Abe? Donald Trump: Oh, this is a very difficult choice, Steve. And Dubai is a favorite vacation retreat for Saudi royals.

Donald Trump: Oh, it will eventually end up in my pocket one way or another. We’ve determined that our contestant clearly prefers dictators over democrats, and in today’s culture we must respect a person’s sexual preferences. President, which of these three strong, mysterious men will you take along with you on a dream weekend of guy talk, fast food, and strategizing world domination? We know that our contestant feels most at home in his own properties.

It is said that he regularly spends up to 0,000 a day on frequent LA shopping sprees. Steve Bannon: Don’t you mean that she owes the United States a trillion dollars? Steve Bannon: That’s our due diligence part of the show. We’re sending you for a weekend extravaganza to…Trump International Golf Club in Dubai! Steve Bannon: Now let me tell you about the fantastic package we have for you two besties.Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.”The word “created” in Genesis 1:1 is the Hebrew word bara and means “(absolutely) to create”; but the word “made” in Genesis 1:5 is asah and means “to do or make, in the broadest sense and widest application.” The distinction between these two words cannot be ignored by the honest Bible student. And welcome once again to the Dictator Dating Game. He loves uncontested elections, poisoning his overseas enemies, and moonlit walks along the Crimean beach. He’s not technically the head of his country, but he sure acts that way! Dictator number one is famous for all those great photos of him shirtless in the wilderness — riding horses, shooting bears, and threatening Ukrainians. Confidential tip: he’s already been out on a date with our contestant and it went really well! Dictator number three was born in 1985, so he’s the puppy of the bunch. You’ve already given us a big gift by forcing countries to boycott Iranian oil, which drives up prices and our exports. We have a cozy date coming up in Helsinki this month. How about a little pressure to get our Iranian friends out of Syria? That’s like asking about my other assignations on our first real date. But that Pompeo and Bolton: they just want to strip away everything we got and screw us! Steve Bannon: A plea to go slow with Dictator Number Two. Mohammed bin Salman: I am fickle, just like you, Mr. But please don’t focus on what’s going on behind closed doors in my country. It’s got to be a staged, mutual process, with a peace treaty to end the Korean War and real security assurances. I need to know where you stand, Mb S, before I can really get into bed with you. Donald Trump: See, some of my best friends are Muslims!The Bible mentions over 200 different animals, but of the 1,072 species of dinosaurs named by man, not one of them is mentioned. “One morning I woke up and something had happened in the night, and it struck me that I had been working on this [evolution] stuff for twenty years and there was not one thing I knew about it.


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