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Filipino thai dating the benefits and risks of mandating network neutrality

Unless you make time to look very closely, you will not see that Thai women are skinnier with high cheekbones and smaller eyes, and Filipino women are shorter, rounder, and curvier.

Thai and Filipino women are also compared with each other more often because both attract foreign guys like ants to a molehill.

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In their homes is designated a special place where they can hold religious ceremonies and rituals in honor of the spirits. Thai women versus Filipino women: English Communication Skills Another important area of comparison that will have an impact on a Western guy’s choice is English proficiency.

Filipino women, on the other hand, being Catholics, express their faith by going to church on holy days, bringing a rosary wherever they go, and having or putting up religious statues and artifacts in their homes. Communication plays a huge role in building and maintaining relationships, after all.

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Not only that, being Asians, they are petite and not “big- boned” unlike Western women.

A  Thai woman in a group picture with Filipino women would not  be easy to spot.

The same can be said of a Filipino woman in a group picture with Thai girls.

For Filipinos, this is not a problem, either, having been under American rule for time.

Indeed, most Filipinos, even those in far-flung areas, have the ability to speak and understand English.


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  2. Both Thai and Filipino women have dark or brown skin and silky black hair. When it comes to dating, it’s hard to say who are better.

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