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The sea, and its position within the supercontinent, was very close to the equator, making it tropical and brimming with life.Over millions of years, as the depth of the sea would ebb and flow, it would leave layers of deposits that would eventually form the region’s characteristic landscape of mineral-rich shale and limestone and create the basis of its is a French term that represents all the natural conditions in which food is grown, including climate, soil and topography).

It will share recipes, created by some of the most talented chefs in the region, that represent each time period.The Tuscarora tribe joined the confederacy in 1720.The Seneca and Cayuga tribes were the Iroquois of the Finger Lakes, living in villages around the lakes that now bear their name.Referred to as Paleo-Indians, these people were nomadic hunter-gathers who gathered berries and nuts and hunted big game such as mastodons, whose fossilized skeletons have been found in the region.The first Native Americans to settle in the Finger Lakes were the Lamoka Indians, who lived between Lamoka and Waneta Lakes dating back to 3,500 B. in what is considered the oldest prehistoric village in New York.In fact, the name is derived from a Native American legend that holds that the Great Spirit blessed the region by laying his hand on the land.The imprints from his fingers filled with water and became the Finger Lakes.The lakes, because of their significant depth, serve as temperature moderators.The two deepest, Seneca and Cayuga, are approximately 650 and 425 feet deep, respectively, and almost never freeze over completely.It is home to eleven long, thin lakes of pristine blue that dramatically cut through the hills, as if Grandma’s cat was let loose on her favorite Turkish rug.The formation of this landscape is a composite of over 300 million years of evolution that has created a unique meso-climate that offers its inhabitants an optimal environment in which to grow, live and thrive.


  1. It's one of the oldest farm wineries in the Finger Lakes, dating to 1977, and is now known as a wine country complex Vineyards, winery.

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