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Host articles require supplemental color photo- graphs to illustrate segments of the manu- script. Simul- taneous submissions should be indicated as such. Aiexio domi- nated Elmore, and in my view he carried his older and out-of-shape opponent for 12 rounds only to knock him out before the time expired.

Rockefeller, Valencia, CA 91355 Toll Free; 800-423-2874 • In CA: 661-257-4066 DISCLAIMER RAINBOW PUBUCATIONS, INC., as publisher, does rtot endorse and makes no representation, werranly or guarantee ccncerrvng the salaty or effectiveness of erther the products and services ai^rtised m ifw magaane or the martial arts or other techniques decussed or iustrated in ths magazine The publisher expressly rksdaims any and all lability relating to the manufacture, sale or use of such products and services and the application of the techrvques (kscussed or iustrated « this magazine . BLACK BELT T1FIES Hews items such as fund-raisers, obitu- aries, tournament results, tournament an- nouncements, seminars, etc., can be sent to Black Belt P. Box 918, Santa Clarita, CA 9 1 380, or the information can be faxed to (661) 257-3028. 8 BLACK BELT/ AUGUST 1999 UP TO MJTHORBBD&QNAVJK TO YOUR CALVES THE LEGAL WEAPON OF THE 21st CENTURY! i was reluctant to pur- chase tickets because Alexio’s oppo- nents have been average at best and pathetic at worst.Taekwondo Power Kicking: How to Get More Bang for Your Buck! Hubble offers a simple formula for maximizing the power of your leg techniques. 1 1 1 4) This is the only Taekwondo event in Korea for foreigners and for overseas Koreans. He also shows how to take your opponents back to apply a deadly finishing hold for the win. ADVANCED MASTER CLASS - AUACKS AND ESCAPES FROM THE VALE TUDO MOUNT, SIDE MOUNT AND KNEE-ON-CHEST POSITION “The Destroyer" Is a terminator when it comes to fighting from the Vale Tudo mount or top position. Seer body, legs and hands, plus get tips on improving stamina with interval and circuit training. Inside Advice Just for Women Martial Arts for Women by Jennifer Lawler is the martial arts hook that talks just to women. Jacob Jordan’s amazing book Total Mind Body Training, reveals mental and physical exercises that apply the tremendous power of your mind to martial arts training. TMT .95 Martial Arts Training Diary Finally, a specialized system to record your martial arts goals, techniques, progress, and ideas. Art Brisacher features hundreds of fill-in pages for your records.Grappling With & Without a Uniform: The Best Method for Competition and Self-Defense 80 Robert Ferguson compares the training methods and rules of submis- sion wrestling with those of Brazilian jujutsu. We provide free room and board with a very low registration fee. Learn ^ the techniques, strategies, and positions needed to smash your opponent with strikes and finishing . Look no further - it covers everything from finding a school to preparing for competition, dealing with biases, choosing the right equipment and getting the most from , your training. MATD .95 Martial Arts Training Diary for Kids A great way to help kids get the most out of their lessons and have fun doing it. The sport is declining fast in America, and ex-champions and war- riors like Don Wilson are re-entering the Continved on page 42 AUGUST 1999 /BLACK BELT 9 Combat Cahes^ CA NE MA STERS Aun Traihihg Videos Many Custom Designs Carry Anywhere in the World Handcrafted by Master Mark Shuey from Oak, Hickory or Walnut Escrima Sticks Complete Exercise System Boju-Shorei Weapon Hanking and Cane S Knife Training Videos are Fully Adaptable to any Martial Arts System Ask about our Cane Seminars ndiv KXial 'esults rnayvarv 1999 NEW SHOE DESIGN W1fybuviiewnid'$#l Ptvometric1l3ln^ Shoe? 70% of the body's weight tests on the heel Therefore, the cah rnuscles exert Mtte eitat te supporting tte In Strength* Shoes, the heel is dimtnat Bd. (504)618-1273 LOUISIANA RESIDENTS ADO 4\ TAX TOTALS Pw U|Ki B c Mngi nc Kt Mm 14 Wma awsi Dt o«rw« tfwk dmci NOW ONLY 4.95 City Phone ( ) J VISA LI MC CARO* J AMEX EXP J DISC. Because of recent articles about fight- ers like Rick Roufus and columns by Bill Wallace, questions are being asked about the glut of title organizations and lack of quality fighters in the United States. created the concept erf frcnialptatta shoes In regular ^nes. They can be removed and reuseil, will nut fade, and will last for years. For a fiee color catalog all or write: GRAFIA Inc., 8. If photos are included please list the names of the Individuals pictured. Sure, there will be minor clubs and mi- nor fights, but it will be a sport that's always hobbling on one leg and begging for an audience to watch poorly trained men who will probably not even know that a technique called a side kick even exists. The application can be carrietl out in minuie.s by the store owner. California 92867 "Our tvalk’ins baiv increased at least i5-30%” How to Contact BIACK BELL Magazine su BSCRipnons To subscribe to Black Belt, or for an- swers to your subscription questions, please call our customer service line at (800) 266-4066. Submissions should be no longer than 500-750 words. On case no one remem- If things don’t change within the next few years, time may be expiring in North America for the sport called kickboxing.Steve s 1 Gym 3 '96 K-1 GRAND PRIX Finalist WAKO World Muay Thai Super Heavyweight Champion Copyrighted Brazil, Kyokushin Kaikar} Brazil Branch ■97 World Weight Category Karate Tournament Heavyweight Champion Canada, Free The 5th World Open Karate Tournament Tt 4th Place U. Jean Rivierl K-1 GP '98 1st Round in Osaka Dome ^ (Japanese Language Version) Andy Hug, Peter Aerts Francisco Pilho, Rick Roufus K-1 GP '98 Final Round in Tokyo Dome (Japanese Language Version) ..more I CALL FOR INFO. TEL: 21 2-226-0090 (9r00am-pm ET) PAX : 21 2-226-0990 / Alicia E-mail : sales6Visit US on video clip usa U. A., Maurice Smith’s Kickboxing Center WKA World Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion. BIACK BELT COVER STORY Ron Van Cllef’s Chinese Goju Rodney Ley and Robert W. If you need, we will send you a sample itinerary and price list, which will be customized based on your dojang’s schedule and programs. 1) This is the biggest annual Taekwondo event in Korea, which is held at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. Size 00 I 2 3 4 S 6 BLACK a WHITE Any size; Prl C« 29.95 Camouflage, Yelkw, RMl, Qray Any sizei Pnce 40.95 set . Take downs Include single and double leg take downs, hip and leg throws, take downs off your opponents kicks and punches, stand up reversals that enable you to take down your target by getting to his back, and Important ** ways to defeat the take down when attempted on you.ISKA World Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion,, Former Ultim ate ^ Heavyweight U. Young explore the history and develop- Can Make You a Better Martial Artist I 32 ment of the comprehensive eclectic art and its founder. You may participate in the competition or just experience riie essence of Korean Taekwondo. The champ shows how to close the distance with kicks and punches to set up your take down attack. ADVANCED MASTER CLASS - ATTACKS AMD ESCAPES FROM THE VALE TUDO GUARD Tills is the only video you will ever need on Vale Tudo no-holds-barred guard fighting and only Panther can bring it to you! UFTMA .95 Weight Training for Martial Artists Discover the best ways to improve your speed, strength and power without losing flexibility. Comments can also be sent via fax by dialing (661) 257- 3028.table and plastic lawn chair to prevent | injury) with a friend (first role player). A drunk (second role player) is sitting [ at the next table acting loud and obnox- ious. The drunk stumbles to the student’s | table and starts a fight with the student. lowed to reach depends on how much protective gear is being used.) Of course, the drunk will have alco- hol on his breath (prop), a breakaway resin bottle (prop) in his hand and biker clothes (props) covering his protective pads.


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