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German dating courtship and marriage

Emigration was complex, requiring: In 1873, the typical annual income for a family members was 630-650 Marks. From Quebec, Ferdinand, Louisa and their daughter Anna walked across Lake Erie in the winter to make their way to Cleveland.

A ship ticket in steerage with food was 144-210 mark for an adult, 108-165 Mark for a child. Transport, food and lodging to the port of Bremen or Hamburg, and from New York to Cleveland were needed on top of this. It probably cost the Priebe family much of their property to purchase their move to the US. Albertina’s cousins of Carl and August Raddetz, children of Ferdinand and Louisa, were left with grandmother Louise. The family would skirt the fighting by entering in Canada. In 1864, Louise (57) gathered the rest of her family and made the move to join August and Louisa in Cleveland.

More will be written on this later), followed by August (1832), Louisa (Raddatz ’35), Frederich (’41), Johan (’46) and Albertine (Priebe ’49).

Karl and Louise lived during the time when the last of the manorial system was being dismantled.

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Additionally, the Priebe surname is found in large numbers throughout the surrounding areas in the 1717 Hufenklassifikation.

The city population doubled to nearly 100,000 of which 45% were immigrants. Albertina’s oldest brother Frederich was in school, and probably sister Emilie as well. Albertina’s uncle August married Bertha Schumacher, also from Germany, in May 1866. Their sons August and Charles attended school, and perhaps Annie is as well. Even with inflation, there was real wage growth for the type of work the Priebe family engaged in.

We know family members worked as masons, in carpentry and general labor.

1850’s Albertina’s father, Carl married Wilhelmina “Mina” around 1855, possibly in Wurchow, Pomerania. It is possible that while he lived in Gramenz, the death record could have been written in the church book of the nearby parish, Grünewald.) Her grandmother Louise “by hard work and good management …

Albertina’s older brother Frederich and sister Emilie were born in ’56 and ’59 respectively. kept the children together and gave them the best educational advantages the common schools of their locality afforded. (Albertine’s uncle) went to school until he was fourteen.” 1860’s In the early ’60’s an emigration agency began operating in the area.


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