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Goodreads blog feed not updating

The above method of connecting Goodreads to Facebook is the first step for everything explained below.

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Now that Amazon owns Goodreads and is integrating the book-loving social network into Kindle Fire OS, more and more people are joining in with the fun.

On the app tab on the Facebook Page, you now choose ‘Group Page’ and pick the relevant group from the list.

Once connected, you can see all of your Goodreads group data clearly on the Facebook tab, such as discussions, bookshelves and more. You will need to do all of your Facebook updates manually to cross-promote your Goodreads group.

Most of you already know how to locate your RSS feed URL to synch your blog with your Goodreads, Amazon Author Central, and Triberr accounts. Examples of Website URLs My website URL is http//: My blog is part of my website, so the basic URL for both are the same.

But if you don’t speak RSS, that sentence probably made you roll your eyes or reach for the aspirin bottle. Some authors may have started blogs on Blogger or free Word Press, and simply “forwarded” or re-directed the URL to their stand-alone, self-hosted website once it was created.


  1. THE BLOG. 03/29/2013 pm ET Updated May 29, 2013. I've used Goodreads for about three years now, but today I made the decision to permanently delete my account. account so people who were not on the site could view my recommendations. Will they start putting sponsored recommendations in your feed?

  2. From Kindle Fire 1 Tap on the menu icon on the top left of the app it looks like three stacked lines. 2 Select “My Profile” from the menu that slides out. 3 From.

  3. Note for Goodreads Authors Your author ID may not match your user id. If you enter the id as retrieved above and it doesn't display your bookshelf, you'll need.

  4. Goodreads is not new on the scene, in fact it's been in business since December 2006. Simply add your blog feed by clicking on the drop-down arrow, then “edit. Blog post. If you update your blog weekly, that's fantastic; if you don't, at least.

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