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During one such job, he dives into a pool to save his pet cat, fully aware that he cannot swim.These ‘Jumps’ aren’t used a lot, but they are pretty jarring!The biggest complain everyone had is the freaking run time of the show, for they are about 13 minutes long including both the OP and ED! This leads to the anime trying to cramp so much due to its short run time, thus resulting to a very rushed and incomplete experience!Guardian Series Observer House Caxton Way Watford Hertfordshire WD18 8RJ Guardian Series newspapers are published by Newsquest (London) Ltd, part of Newsquest Media Group Ltd, registered office Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP10 9TY – a Gannett company, No.3105111. High school student and gamer Suigin Riku attends the prestigious Shinryou Private Academy, a school for the elite and the children of the wealthy.You have your archetypal ‘Game’ genre situation where the MC is somehow stuck inside a game and must survive by playing as a guardian in order to save the world and the girl of his dreams.Suigin (MC) is your plain looking, basic student who’s enrolled into an expensive school and makes ends meet by doing multiple jobs.Gin no Guardian follows Suigin as he plays through Grave Buster to save Rei, while uncovering the secrets hidden within the game.[Written by MAL Rewrite] Hi I've never felt the need to write a review before but I'll make an exeption for Gin no Guardian. At first look this anime may look decent, yet confusing. This anime is just all over the place, it tries to put a gazillion different elements into merely 10 min episodes and nothing makes sense in the end.I mean you are told great things about her, like how’s she so and so but we never actually see it to believe any of it!And how can you when they have less than 13 mins to demonstrate everything!


  1. B “Plenary guardian” means a person who has been appointed by the court to. If the professional guardian is a natural person, the name, address, date of.

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