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One walker reports he could only get a cheese roll in the "Anchor and Hope" on a Charlton match day.Note the Fulham ground is on the riverfront and the path goes round it (there is an alternative path on the south bank).(In Feb 2005 I was diverted away from river for a couple of hundred yards to near the entrance to the northbound Blackwall tunnel to get round works, when away from the river in this area it can be less than scenic! Soon industry is left behind and the north bank is lined with the overpriced flats of the overpaid city market traders and thier towering offices at Canary Wharf, originally planed as a low rise development!Some interesting parts of the old east end remain including "The Prospect of Whitby" and "The Mayflower" where the ship of that name (also built in Whitby) was reputedly berthed, fitted and crewed before its historic voyage from Plymouth to America, although the pub has only had that name since 1960, formerly being the "Spread Eagle" which was largely destroyed by a V1 rocket in WW2.(I did the former section after dark and am still here to tell the tale!)On the London sections you might like to check if Charlton, Millwall, Chelsea, Fulham or Queens Park Rangers are playing at home near a pub you aim to use at lunchtime (or an area you wish to park in).Eel Pie island was originally a day trip destination for Victorians, later a haunt of beatniks and then blues/rock groups like the Rolling Stones, it is now left to its residents.

This section has good numbers of waders and ducks in winter, diminishing in numbers as the path approaches London proper.This general pattern repeats itself at the next bridge "Tadpole Bridge" with its "Trout Inn".We overheard a telephone conversation with the landlord "Yes sir, this is the Trout Inn, are you sure you have the correct one........Henley regatta, the Oxford and Cambridge boat race and the Reading Jazz festival Every year in the third week of July, The Queen's Swan Marker and the swan uppers from the Vinters' and Dyers' Livery companies, travel the Thames from Sunbury on Thames to Abingdon in their scarlet uniforms and in traditional Thames rowing skiffs. Anyone who would enjoy walking through a cross section of southern England.It would not suit anyone looking for a challenging wilderness experience.An ideal first long distance path or succession of day/weekend walks.(good railway services for all of the route) But don't take bites at it at random, part of the beauty of the walk is in experiencing the progression of human activities up the river.The Millenium Eye is everything the dome failed to be, next to County Hall and the Houses of Parliament and its clock tower containing "Big Ben" across the river.comfortable if a little dull suburbs at Putney, Hammersmith, Kew and Richmond with its deer park edging the south bank and Richmond with the first lock, although the river is tidal to Teddington.Serious rowing is now the order and will remain so for many miles.However if only a single week is available and/or you would need to pay for London accomodation, starting from Windsor gives good, mainly rural, walking.This early stage gives fine views of that monument to political megolomania, (now finally put to sensible uses) the millenium dome.


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